#iPad Reflection App...for Windows?

How old is the person who recorded the video above? It doesn't matter, right? Nifty!

A colleague recently told me that she was looking for the Reflection app, but for Windows...for Windows? In case you're not familiar with Reflection app for iPad, it allows you to mirror what's on your iOS device on your Mac computer. It describes itself in this way:

AirPlay mirror your iPhone 4S or iPad 2 to any Mac running OS X 10.6+, wirelessly.

But is there an equivalent solution for iOS devices and Windows computers? I'm not sure and can't try it out at the moment--I have no iPad to experiment at the moment (feel free to send me one with no strings attached)--although it certainly seems possible using  the following solution that requires "jailbreaking:"
Cydia's Veency: If you watch this video, (or this one) you'll be amazed at the possibility. It involves running Virtual Network Control (VNC) on your Windows computer and remotely controlling your iOS device. Unfortunately, it only works on jailbroken iOS devices...sigh. Detailed discussion here.
And, remember..."don't get scared" as it says in the video above.

Looking for other iPad app recommendations? Check this page. Have other devices? More app recommendations!

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Anonymous said…
AirServer works for Windows and Mac: http://www.airserverapp.com

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