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Not sure how I missed it, but Eye on Education (whose books I occasionally review for a free copy of the book, like this one or this one), recently published an In the Trenches: The School Leaders' Guide to Social Media.

Essentially, the question was, How do you currently use social media in your school? What tips would you give to other school leaders looking to apply social media tools to their school communities? School leaders that responded included:
  • Eric Scheninger, Principal
  • James Davis, Principal
  • Teresa Tulipana, Principal
  • David Elena, Principal
  • Miguel Guhlin, Director of Instructional Technology
Yes, yes, I know...I'm the only one on that list that isn't a principal (frankly, I've seen what principals do, and I'd rather be the wind beneath their wings! Hard-working folks!)

You may recall, I shared some tips in these two blog entries written for school leaders, entitled:
Both those blog entries were in response to the question posed by In the Trenches' blogger, Bob Sickles. Unfortunately, they were too long and so I published them here.

However, one version did make it through and appears below.

Here's what was actually published:

Read the complete article at Eye on Education's blog!

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