Webinar Available - #FlippedClassroom

As you may recall, last week during the busy TCEA2012 Conference, I had a chance to participate in the ISTE SIGLIT Webinar organized by Barbara Bray. A recording of the webinar featuring Jason Kern and Ramsey Musallam--with a minor appearance by me (smile)--is now available!

Check it out:
Recorded webinar here: http://goo.gl/OoYaA
Here's the chat from the webinar: chat-sigilt-flippedclassroom-2:9:12.doc

Images above are from Ramsey's preso...can you tell which is "the Flipped Classroom?"

As I was gathering feedback on The Flipped Classroom, here are some of the opinions shared via tweet and in conversation:

"Leveraging tech to appropriately pair the learning activity with the learning environment." -Ramsey Musallam
Stuartburt@mguhlin Rural areas with low bandwidth such as Mount Pleasant, make it harder to have a flipped classroom. Some students have no access. 
ehelfant@mguhlin that said-not sure we're relly flippin as much as providng multimedia, interactve workshts w/social elemnt via t.co/lG4Z70wi
Other tweets were shared but I can't find them...they scrolled out of sight on my Twitter search...sigh.

Another webinar on FlippedClassrooms that I found interesting included this one organized by Dr. Scott McLeod.

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