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Student Response Systems (a.k.a. Classroom Response Systems)

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Earlier today, a teammate asked, "What's a free student response system?" We had been discussing the fact that the $129 Neo2 "interactive keyboard" device added a student response system to its bevy of tools that include word processing, math facts, calculator, etc. 

Simply, what free ways could we use existing devices such as BYOD/T, or devices that could access the web, to do informal polls with students? This in spite of the fact that my general feeling about student response systems is that they involve simple "knowledge level" questions...

recalling identification
recalling information

...and, as such, are worthless in today's rich, easy to access information. If kids can google or wikipedia the information they need at will, what's the point in asking simple knowledge recall questions whose answers are found in a multiple choice answer or easily typed?

Still, I'm sure there are some who are using them for more than simple knowledge level questions. The problem is, they're spending moderate sums of money to pay for specialized devices when many of our students already have access to something better.

To help my teammate out, I sent out a tweet, "What r some Web based student response systems that use mobile devices, Web, etc?" The responses came back fairly quickly and I'm grateful to my PLN for their promptness. 

Before we review the list, please allow me to thank my Twitter PLN!

List of Web-based Student Response Systems
  1. Socrative - This particular one received quite a bit of endorsement from respondents via Twitter!
  2. Poll Daddy
  3. Let's Go Vote
  4. Mobiode
  5. ClassPager
  6. GoSoapBox
  7. Text the Mob
  8. Poll Everywhere
  9. Fluid Surveys
What are your thoughts about these tools, and how do you use them in ways that help further (dare I say it, aw, why not) 21st Century learning?

Looking for polls? Check out this post by Free Technology for Teachers!

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