Saturday, February 18, 2012

Results Update - iPad as Consumables?

Update 02/21/2012: After meditating on this, I finally decided to call TxDIR and ask for their opinion. Although I won't put anyone on the spot, it basically boils down to this: iPad Apps do appear to be a consumable so long as they don't exceed $10,000Your District Purchasing Department can weigh in on this. So, there, it's settled!

Results so far (5) from the iPads as Consumables Survey...lots of enthusiasm for iPads...Tim Holt discusses the subject in detail and I encourage you to read it!

iPad apps are as "un-reusable" as jock straps? Hmm...certainly, a fascinating proposition that I'll pass on examining more closely! Still, what are your thoughts on this topic?

Should iPad apps be considered "consumable school supplies?"
Should all iPad apps, regardless of cost, be considered consumables?
Should students be expected to defray the cost of the apps they will be issued, just as they would the cost of tissue paper and colored pencils, etc.?
If yes, how much should students and/or parents be expected to pay the school district to off-set the cost of iPad apps?
More than $5000%
Do you think it's illegal for schools to give away iPad apps to teachers and students rather than manage the devices better to keep apps "in-district" like they do other computer-based software?
Not sure240%
What else would you like to share?
I just want what I need to educate kids. Someone's gotta pay whether it's the school or families.

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