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Some time ago, I shared an interview with a colleague featuring JAMF Software's Casper as a way to manage iOS devices like iTouch and iPads. At TCEA 2012, the Texas Chief Technology Officers' (CTO) Council met--a group affiliated with the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN)--and mobile device management was one of the topics.

Below are notes shared by one of my colleagues who had the opportunity to attend and graciously shared them with me, just as I shared my notes regarding Lamar CISD's excellent presentation by Chris Nilsson on their iOS mobile device management approach. Another colleague sent me an email, and I wrote the following summary for them:
Airwatch is a mobile device management (MDM) tool that manages both iOS and Android. Fort Bend ISD (Texas) is adopting 16K iOS devices and is using that. Also, I don't recommend Kindle Fire or Nook Color tablet for an Android deployment. I had a network guy throw them on the table of a System Admin Academy, he was so frustrated with them as devices (he owned them).

Here's the notes from a meeting (a colleague shared them with me):

  1. MDM ... Fort Bend ISD is deploying 16,000 iOS devices and chose Air-Watch because it allows them to manage more than just one mobile OS (e.g. Android).
  2. Use approach where not necessary to take corporate responsibility for BYOD
  3. Users should have autonomy to create new processes and deliverables on any device
  4. Choice oriented ...
  5. Control oriented ... Guarantee service level agreements and security only
  6. What is the technology vs what is the experience you want?
  7. Use both district and individual owned device
  8. Access to "appropriate" data and systems
  9. April 2011 MDM Gartner report ... MDM comparison
  10. Sybase, good tech, airwatch, mobileiron.. Visionary and executer
  11. Fiberlink and zenprise ... Excellent and outstanding rating as well
  12. Key component for their decision was the deployment for apps ... Apps-only district?
  13. iAchieve Initiative ... Boutiquet of apps and resources that align to district developed curriculum... Every science teacher (770) gets cart with mac, touch, and ipads... 1  to 1 at 8th, 5-7  is 2-1 and 2-4 are 3-1... 16K ipads ... Project Cost is 13M
  14. Chose Airwatch MDM
Rusty Meyners (Eustace ISD, Texas) also setup a GoogleDoc to capture Android device suggestions that may work well in K-12 education.

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