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Like lots of folks, finding the right blend of tools and sharing involves spending time playing. Playing. Certainly, family and friends have trouble understanding why anyone would spend time playing, but when you are curating information that could come in handy during a high-pressure meeting--if you're brave enough to whip out your phone and surreptitiously glance at your EverNote Notebooks, which I have done on occasion--there's nothing like "having the right answer." And, with the ability to share your Evernote Notebooks via or to your social media networks, wow, what an incredible resource!

Of course, saying that it's important to have the right answer makes me feel incredibly guilty, like I've fallen into a well-known bear trap, even though I spent my K-12 years in schools where having the right answer was THE KEY. I've fallen into the trap that the authors of Crucial Conversations mention in their audio series--the desire to please the teacher, which is instilled in us from PreK and honed as we go through the grades. If that model persists--one right answer to be rewarded by the all-powerful, knowing teacher--into work life, then there are other considerations, right?

Even if you aren't in that kind of environment where there's only one right answer filtered through an all-powerful boss, having something to contribute to the pool of shared meaning can be beneficial to the whole group. Given that there are so many ways to access information these days, how are you filtering/collecting information, especially everything that's coming across via social networks like Twitter, Plurk, G+, and Facebook?

For a short time, I tried using Instapaper...I added the "read it later on instapaper" so that I could quickly catch up on stuff. I then tried using ReadItLater but...who has time LATER? 

Unfortunately, these approaches didn't work for me (I'm sure it works for lots of folks). Instead, I found myself re-sharing content to EverNote, dropping it into a bucket (or, as Evernote calls it, a Notebook). That approach appeared to work for me a lot better.

Whenever I run across something worth keeping online or my Android phone, I save it to Evernote which automatically tweets the link to the entry in my Evernote Notebook. Isn't that nifty?

Here are the apps I typically use:
  1. AndroidPhone - Use the Twitter app. When I find something I like--a link to a web page--I view it in...
  2. Opera mini-browser. If I think it's worth keeping, I SHARE it from Opera to 
  3. Evernote Notebook that is appropriately titled (e.g. BYOD, iPads) or just save it to Webclips if I don't have a specific Notebook pre-made.
  4. If the Evernote Notebook is set to automatically re-share content, it does so via Twitter, which in turn is picked up by Facebook (which I seldom visit).
Why do I do this? It makes curating content that I need access to at a moment's notice a lot easier than dealing with multiple social bookmarking sites where I tagged items but never re-visited them. And, this  is pretty simple process. Evernote makes it easier for me to revisit content, even when it is no longer available at the original address. 

The search for the right answer or solution continues...darn it, I've fallen into it again.

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