#FlippedClassroom Webinar Reminder #tcea2012

Are you going to be participating in The Flipped Classroom webinar being held at 6pm CST ?
Join the Webinar here: http://goo.gl/rDRey 
February 9 at 7pm ET, 6pm CT, 5pm MT, and 4pm PT


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A bit of an overview:
Not sure about flipping your classroom? Join us in a conversation with teachers and thought leaders who have flipped their classroom, presented about it, and love sharing!! This is the conversation to join where you will learn about how you can flip your classroom, tools teachers use, and some examples. Barbara Bray asked Ramsey Musallam, Jason Kern, and Miguel Guhlin to present some ideas, examples and more. They graciously agreed to share their ideas, tips, and more then we'll ask questions and invite questions from the audience to share in a great conversation about flipping the classroom. 
Below is my "short" slideshow. As you will see, I tried to contrast the promise of the flipped classroom--that equips students with technology that is heavily based on video/audio going home with students--with the turbulent homes that low socio-economic students must navigate. Often, children come to school without clean clothes--lacking access to easy way to wash them--as well as school supplies, food, etc.

The question I hope to leave us all pondering is, if you had $500 grants (about the same cost as iPads), children without basic necessities, how would you prepare them for the future? 

Source: http://sigilt.iste.wikispaces.net/The+Flipped+Classroom

Join the Webinar here: http://goo.gl/rDRey
February 9 at 7pm ET, 6pm CT, 5pm MT, and 4pm PT

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Unknown said…
Hello again Mr Guhlin! Before I read this post, I had no idea what "flipping the classroom" meant. Your slideshow gave me a little insight, but I still wasn't completely sure what this was. I did a search for it and found How the Flipped Classroom Is Radically Transforming Learning through Google. This explained to me that it is a way of making the classrooms more technology based. I found this very interesting and would like to incorporate this in my future classroom. I don't just want to be a lecturer, I want to be someone who inspires children to be all they can be and reach their potential in life.
I will be publishing my post, with the summary of your two blogs I have commented on, tonight on My Blog

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