Friday, February 10, 2012

Exploring now!Board IWB solution at #TCEA2012 #learningresourcesarningresources

Walking down the a row of the Exhibit Hall at TCEA 2012 State Conference, and found myself face to face with the now!Board, a product from Learning Resources which allows you to turn ANY surface into an interactive whiteboard. Below, you can see a digital projector placing the image onto the side of a white canvas tent. The wand the hand is holding below sends a signal that is relayed to a small device connected via USB to a computer (Mac and Windows are supported), and that gets reflected instantaneously on the screen.

You can see the setup below:
Click to enlarge
Here's the wand that the presenter was using and what the whole setup looks like:

As you can see above, this is quite a mobile, easily maneuverable setup that can be deployed quite easily from a cart. The device also does not connect to iOS or Android devices. One of the questions I failed to ask is whether this had to be "line of sight" and what the range of the device is. Later this week, I'll have a chance to review the device myself--I just didn't have time prior to leaving for the TCEA conference--so I'm looking forward to it.

One of the neat aspects is that in the image above, you can see the now!Board software palette running down the left side and the main program--with the image created from geometric designs--appearing in MS Word 2010. The presenter made it very easy to copy diagrams from one to the other. In the image below, you can get a better look at the software toolbar:

I recorded a quick interview with the presenter above and will add it to this blog entry later. The $450 price point feels a bit steep, given the price of other competitors. 

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