as a Digital Bulletin Board and Offers Free 50gigs for Android Users!

Notice the gallery of posters and flyers. What other cloud storage tool
could you do this with?
If you have an Android device, you're in luck! is now offering 50 gigs of free space for life if you create your account using their new "Box" app before March's the offer:
just download the application on the Android device and sign up for a new account, or log in to an existing account directly on the handset. Once validated, the account will automatically upgrade to 50GB.
Image Source: Android Community

This 50 gigs stays with you no matter what device you decide to use, whether it's a desktop computer/laptop/netbook and accessing via the Web. So, this means you get 50 gigs no matter what. I took advantage of this for the iOS and I really like's service, even more so than other providers, albeit they do have a 25 meg file upload limit (no files bigger than 25 megs) through their web interface. Still, I've used it for a variety of purposes.

One neat idea that Ben Rimes shared for service looks like this:

In practical application, you can see it appear below on their school web site, which Ben Rimes shares:

For example, you can click on "Buy Less" and see the image online without having to open another window, etc.:
Another example:
Thanks to Ben Rimes for a neat idea!

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