Wednesday, February 8, 2012

@BigMarker Adds Recording and Offers Free Premium Communities (Giveaway - Time-Sensitive)

A big announcement from that you'll want to read is shared in this blog entry!

Some time ago, I wrote about my experiences with My complaints were as follows:
  1. No recording capability. This was terrible because while could be used in much the same way as Elluminate, recording stuff was just a no-go.
  2. was too slow for desktop sharing, although it worked fine for slideshows, whiteboard, etc.
  3. And, in an email suggestion to them, I also asked for Moodle 2.x module/block integration.
Earlier today, I received the following announcement...note the highlighted sections:

BigMarker now fully supports your Communities. Web conferencing is just one of the many project management tools that you can use to grow your Community. Communities are your place to sha re your passions and interests, educate, organize, host business meetings, and connect with anyone in the world.

As a big thank you for being such wonderful members, we are giving you free, lifetime Premium BigMarker Communities. While Public Communities will always be free, beginning March 1st, there will be a monthly fee for Private Communities. Any Community you create or have created before March 1st will always be free. As we add more Premium features, your Communities will automatically be updated, free of charge.

Additionally, anyone who joins within the next month will also receive free Premium Communities, so be sure to get the word out to your friends, family, colleagues, and anyone else who might be interested in BigMarker.

Now, on to you have been patiently waiting for: The Updates!
  • New Changes:
    • Your Communities
      • You can assign Organizers and Presenters within a Community
      • Clubs have transformed into Communities
      • Instead of your personal profile you now have a Personal Community
    • Record Your Conferences
      • This was our number one most requested feature, and we want you to know that we heard you loud and clear
      • When you create a Conference, make sure you select to Record the Conference on Page 3: Other Options. The system begins recording as soon as you enter the Conference Room and publishes the recording on your Conference Page
    • Community Features
      • Tasks and Projects
        • Assign your Community members Tasks to ensure due dates are met and keep track of them on the Task Timeline and Calendar
      • File Sharing
        • Share various files and stay up-to-date with all your necessary information
      • Community Bulletin and Newsletters
        • Keep all your members informed about the comings-and-goings of your Communities and Conferences
      • Kudos!
        • Send Kudos to thank your fellow members for a job well done and keep track of Community stars on the Kudos Scoarboard
      • Dues and Applications
        • Raise funds to accomplish your Community’s goals
        • Find people who will be perfect for and contribute to your Community
    • Other:
      • Dial-in is back
        • Can’t get to a computer for your conference? You can now call in with your phone
      • Community Blog
        • Submit your Community’s Blog to and have it published for all the world to read
      • New Conference Servers in South America
        • We are constantly increasing our service across the globe, and South America is our latest addition.
We are working tirelessly on making the Conference Room more reliable and faster.
Will live up to its promises? I haven't had a chance to try it, but I will be giving it another hard look. Still, exciting news for folks who are looking for an awesome online tool to facilitate elearning but can't set up their own Big Blue Button server for their organization or afford Adobe Connect, Blackboard Collaborate, etc.

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