Thursday, February 23, 2012

3 Approaches to Social Media


“Give me a window to my child,” I told my children's school administrators, “and I will always pay attention!” Use your iPad or smartphone with social media-based approaches to build a window for parents!

Approach #1 - Build a safe online space using a wiki; set one up through a no-cost, ad-free site like for K-12. Think of a wiki as a frame for powerful learning and sharing possible in your campus’ nooks and classrooms, a dynamic photo frame.

Approach #2 - Setup a Twitter account. Twitter accounts have an RSS feed, a history of what is shared. You can place that RSS feed into your classroom or campus wiki page to provide on the fly updates.

Approach #3 - Share photos, text, audio of campus life via a no-cost, ad-free Each teacher can have a notebook where you and they can share. Use a mobile device—iPad, iPhone, Android—to update Evernote. Tools like can auto-post your Notebook content to Twitter (Short visual tutorial - ). Students can also share for even more parent engagement!

Use social media and make it possible for parents to see, hear, and read about their children, your students.

Note: This is the short 200 word, albeit rejected, version of this longer piece. It didn't quite fit what the editor needed...sigh.

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