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When I stopped being a columnist for Education World and TCEA TechEdge, I gave some serious thought to seeking publication sources elsewhere. And, though, I've published in several print magazines, written a chapter--or collaborated in two cases--in a book, had my articles featured in books, etc., I have to admit that the greatest satisfaction in writing thus far has come from this blog, Around the Corner! I don't receive any pay for blogging and find it difficult to imagine my blog festooned with advertising, which I tried once and cringed at the sight.

It's hard to believe that when I started blogging 6 years ago or so--about the same time Wes Fryer did, as a matter of fact--for fun, for learning, that I would find myself still doing it long after my initial burst of curiosity. That Around the Corner readers continue to visit, read, comment, and share flashes of reflection and learning day after day boggles the mind.

As exciting as it is to get published in print, I find myself addicted to blogging. It provides a "high" that comes from being in "the zone" and being creative. And, I also am grateful for the work of other hard-working authors and curators of information that are out there, like Joe at Though we've never met, it's easy to see how hard he works to keep Texas educators informed about what's going on.

As you can see from the screenshot at the top of this post, Joe was kind enough to feature TWO of my blog entries. He's done this enough times in a year that I "publish" as much to a wide audience of Texas folks as I once did through other publications. Wow!

This means my blog is read by superintendents, central office and campus administrators, and many others throughout the State of Texas. There are days I wonder if that's a good thing or not...but it must be because it allows sharing of a critical message that sometimes I don't think is getting through to them, insulated as they sometimes are by folks afraid or unwilling to have crucial conversations/confrontations with them.

Thanks to all Around the Corner readers, to Joe Smith at TexasISD for including content from ATC, and I hope that you will continue to find what is shared here worth reading.

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Unknown said…
I read it in Ohio...thanks for writing

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