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Update 01/12/2012 - This software works GREAT! I tried it on the home network and it worked fantastically well!! Great job!

Original Blog Entry:
The folks at Digiarty Software--which have sponsored software giveaways here at Around the Corner focused on video conversion and/or DVD ripping tools, etc.--shared some information about Air PlayIt. The app--which works on your favorite mobile devices--appears to resolve some fascinating problems, mainly, how to easily get video/audio streaming working on those devices.

Imagine a grab-bag of various video and audio formatted files. Normally, you'd have to worry about converting all of them for your device. Instead, you can host those video/audio files on a Mac or Windows computer--no Linux, doggone it!--and then you can connect to your computer from your mobile device.

Air Playit is a video streaming software designed to stream videos audios to Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Google Android OS mobile devices. Air Playit is capable of streaming 320 different video & audio formats to your mobile devices via WiFi and 3G/4G network. It acts as your personal audio video cloud server and lets you watch videos on the go. 
Air Playit is able to convert videos on the fly and stream videos to your devices. Play MKV, AVI, WMV videos on your iPhone iPad and Android immediately without doing any tedious converting beforehand. 
With offline task manager, you can add and manage video conversion tasks on your mobile device, and download the videos to your devices over air. Watch the videos later when you have no network connection.
You might need to go on a business trip. How to get some fun during the flight? Enjoy music or video. However, you forgot to put the movie on your iPad/iPhone/Android. Don't worry! Air Playit can help you stream the video and air download to your iPad/iPhone/Android immediately via the free Airport WiFi. Then you can watch the video later when there is no network available.
I'll be giving this a try later and encourage you to share your experiences about Air PlayIt! here!

Here's what the Windows version of the software looks like:

Note that you can add your iTunes library....

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