Thursday, January 12, 2012

#iPad Tips for Administrators


Looking forward to a webinar I'll be doing for administrators on the topic of iPad tips, I have to admit that I feel woefully under-prepared. I'm very grateful to the many resources other admins have put out there highlighting their favorite, no-cost iPad apps and tips!

For that reason, I'm sharing a rough draft of my webinar presentation--which loses a lot since no conversation going on--with you for constructive would you improve this presentation for campus and department administrators who have iPads in their hands?

Some resources worth spending a few hours on:

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doug0077 said...


My admins are looking for a way to do teacher evals using self-created forms that have drop down boxes, not just text. Any suggestions from you or your participants tonight? I had Bento suggested but haven't tried it yet.

Thanks for any help you can give.


Miguel Guhlin said...

@Doug, a few ideas:
1) GoogleForms on iPad won't work for you with the dropdowns?

2) Depending on how much you're willing to pay, here are a few others:
a) iFormBuilder -
Video -

b) FormConnect -

Both of these paid apps will do the job of drop-downs in a created form. Bento--from Filemaker--is also available but has problems and I would be cautious of investing in that.

Hoping this is helpful and that you'll share what you find out (you have a budget as I recall 8-)),


Miguel Guhlin said...

@Doug, ended up writing a longer blog entry in response to your question. I hope you'll leave follow-up remarks there.

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