In Memoriam - Moises Vega

Moises Vega - Picture taken one Summer, 2007.

Please, join me in a moment of silence to pray a dear friend on His way. Take a moment--out of respect for Moises, if your faith allows--to watch the video at the end of the blog entry.

This audiocastallows Moises to share in simple, unadorned words, the most important story he has to share–his testimony.

The slideshow features Moises Vega, the few images I have of him. My favorite picture is this the one above, showing a missionary taking a moment to celebrate with family.

Today at 4:45 am (Panama time, which is usually CST), a man I deeply respected died from cancer--Moises Vega. I find it difficult to grieve for the loss of Moises, or as my son called him, "Moist" because he couldn't pronounce his name as a young boy. It is difficult to grieve because I've always believed that when a Christian dies, he goes to be with God. 

We may grieve the manner of his passing, the suffering he endured, but know full well that he finds peace in God. He will be greeted:

welcome home, good and faithful servant Su señor le dijo: ‘Bien, siervo bueno y fiel; en lo poco fuiste fiel, sobre mucho te pondré; entra en el gozo de tu señor.’ (Matthew 25:21)

What more could any servant want but that greeting from his Master? Find out more about Moises service online.

The note from his wife, my step-sister/cousin came via email, so I offer this blog entry in response:
Our dear Family in the Lord:
Moises Vega, some saw him as a soldier, a teacher, a friend, a visionary, a leader. Today the church has lost a humble soldier, but today at 4:45am our Lord called him to be with Him. It is hard to write this news to you.  As a family we are grateful for the extra time He allowed us to have with him, to care and love on him.Great father and faithful husband but better yet faithful servant of Jesus, we will miss him badly but we know he just went before us.  He always said he had not a good voice but today he sings before the  great “I am”.
Love you all and thanks so much for praying.   
[These were] his favorite verses:
 5 I know that the Lord is great.       I know that our Lord is greater than all gods.  6 The Lord does anything he wants to do in the heavens and on the earth.  He does it even in the deepest parts of the oceans.  Psalm 135:5-6
It is well with our souls.

Yet, his wife ("Tanchi" as I knew her, or Talsidia as a grown woman with a family of her own) and his children, grandchildren must find a moment to grieve that Moises won't be there with them anymore.

My first memory of Moises was when I walked into his 3rd or 4th floor apartment with my Dad in the Republic of Panama. It was a different world, certainly in time and place. I wasn't too old (less than 10 years of age), but I remember a man with a forceful personality who had come into our lives because my step-sister (actually, my cousin, Tanchi) had fallen in love with him. I remember all the concerns my father and mother had for Tanchi as she went to become "MoTalsy," (Moises+Talsidia) the helper to a servant.

It wasn't until later, until I was married myself and having suffered my father's death, that I came to appreciate Moises for who he was. It is this memory that I treasure because Moises took time to share how he came to be a Christian. His testimony, so heartfelt and tentatively offered, seemed such a departure from the strong-willed, forceful personality I had met so many years ago as a child. Something had changed in his life, and he was willing to share it with me. An educated man in employ abroad--read Moises' testimony online--when he realized he needed something more. I wish now I'd recorded his testimony so I could share it with you, his words, in his own voice. What came across was how God changed his life, changed Moises in a way that would make the man, a stern shepherd, full of tenderness.

I remember sharing Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet (On Joy and Sorrow) with him, and answering the questions any Christian missionary is sure to ask. I remember his consideration and thoughtfulness, his probing questions for my spiritual well-being after the death of my father. Before he left for Panama, he and Talsy were kind enough to share a keepsake of what he and other missionaries used in the mountains--EvangeCube.

I keep the "EvangeCube" on my desk that he and his use when sharing the Gospel in pictorial form with the Panamanians in the mountains of my native land. The EvangeCube is a seven-picture cube that simply and clearly unfolds the Gospel of Jesus Christ." I remember that it was great boon to them because it allowed them to share the Message in pictures to the illiterate in the mountains.

Knowing Moises, I reckon that the best way to end this blog entry in memoriam of him is to ask that you watch the video below and reflect deeply on the Gospel, the good news that he carried like a light in the darkness to so many who needed it, a flame that consumed him and saved him:

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Frankie Kam said…
Our lives are like vapour...only what's done for Christ will last.
Comment emailed in:

I did take the time to read Moises’ testimony. He does indeed seem a faithful servant of Christ, and I know he has been welcomed into the Father’s presence as a good and faithful servant. I have friends who are involved both in missions to Muslims and in Hispanic missions as he was. I’m so glad you recognized the passion that drove him to carry the good news from Jesus that, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me,” to those who did not know Him.

In an age when all of us are inhibited by political correctness, it is refreshing to know that some are so committed to absolute truth that nothing can deter them from sharing that Jesus said just before His crucifixion, “And this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.” John 17:3

Be well and God bless,

David Phillips – Media Specialist

Prairiland High School

TCEA Director - Area 8

The most important decision we can make is to decide what is important.
Molly Valdez said…
Our thoughts and prayers for his family as they work to overcome the loss and celebrate his achievements.

The Valdezs

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