The Glory of Empanadas

Panamanian empanadas a la Guhlin

One of my favorite foods from my childhood is the Panamanian empanada. This empanada holds spicy ground meat inside of it and is a joy to eat! There are various empanada types, and each is well worth exploring!
 ToniSoto_Vigo@mguhlin filling of galician empanadas can be from meat to tuna, sardines, cod or any sort of our excelent sea food.

As my mother nears her mid-80s, my family has become increasingly aware that we'll not only lose a major part of our history (my mother declines to be interviewed, even audio-recorded in case you were about to suggest a digital story) but also recipes for dishes that I've grown up with.

Some of those precious recipes include:
  1. Empanadas a la Panamanian style. Sadly, the Mexican empanadas that I've experienced in Texas don't compare to the delicious, ground-meat with picante style empanadas that my mother made for me growing up. In fact, even Beto's Comida Latina, a great empanada place to eat if you're in San Antonio, can't come close in terms of achieving the idealized meat empanada my Mom made.
  2. Chile con carne. Oh, this is one of those dishes that goes so well with white rice and can be a meal in itself. 
  3. Arroz con pollo. This is a bit more common dish, but my mother knew how to make this in a way I haven't quite tasted elsewhere.
Fortunately, my daughter has taken a liking to making empanadas and spent the day working with her grandmother.

Delicious meat empanadas!

Here's the recipe:

Right click to view image at full size.

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sjbrooks-young said…
Thanks for the recipe, Miguel. Guess what we'll be having for dinner at our house soon!
Toni Soto said…
Hi Miguel. It is nice to see how your daughter is doing her best to keep alive the traditional family food! Let me tell you that in Spain we call 'empanadillas' to the ones your daughter is doing, but when we talk about 'empanadas' we refer to a non-fried bigger one. Anyway.. enjoy your empanadillas and if you ever fall down by my land and want to taste our 'empanadillas' or 'empanadas' just let me know! ;-)

Best regards from Vigo (Spain) and Happy 2012!
@Toni thanks for the feedback. We actually bake empanadas in an oven rather than deep fry them (yuck). I'll keep your invite in mind! I'm hoping to visit Spain again one of these days!

Best wishes,
Anonymous said…
Nice. the work to goodness ratio makes empanadas a great food. Thanks for sharing your recipe. I'll try it out.


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