Get a New Camera for Your Android Phone - #RetroCamera

Thanks to a tip from Scott Laleman via Google+, I became aware of an Android app that allows you to swap out your "camera." For example, if you want to take Polaroids but your's is in the trashcan like mine has been for many years (prob at the landfill now), you can use this app--RetroCamera--to get the same kind of look.
RetroCamera - Apply vintage effects to photos you take. Thanks to Scott Laleman for this recommendation! He writes: "Check out the following posts for examples: and "

For example, above, please find a "polaroid" of Prancer, our teacup poodle. Ain't he cute? 
What a shy poodle.
Some different shots taken with the RetroCamera Android app:

I wonder how many unsubscribers I'll have after this blog entry gets posted.


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Tim Holt said…
Welcome to iPad 2010!
Oh wait, it's Android 2012! Nvermind.
hahaha! Love Tim
Digital Diva said…
I would be more concerned about how many poodle lovers will now start to follow you on Twitter!
@Tim Holt - The price point for Android phones is lower than it is for iPhones. Hence, I will be Android.

@Digital Diva - Think so? Maybe I need to start documenting poodle's life online. Where should I start?

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