#FlippedClassrooms Webinar from ISTE @bbray

Thanks to Barbara Bray's kindness, I've been invited to participate in an ISTE SIG-ILT webinar, The Flipped Classroom. Here's  a quick overview from the information page:

Not sure about flipping your classroom? Join us in a conversation with teachers and teacher leaders who have flipped and love sharing!!

Join the Webinar here: http://goo.gl/rDReyFebruary 9 at 7pm ET, 6pm CT, 5pm MT, and 4pm PT
flipped.pngThis is the conversation to join where you will learn about how you can flip your classroom, tools teachers use, and some examples. Barbara Bray asked Ramsey Musallam, Jason Kern, and Miguel Guhlin to present some ideas, examples and more. They graciously agreed to share their ideas, tips, and more then we'll invite questions from the audience to share in a great conversation about flipping the classroom. 

The Flipped Classroom Panel includes:
Ramsey Musallam (http://www.flipteaching.com)Ramsey is a high school chemistry teacher at Science Department Chairperson at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory in downtown San Francisco, and an adjunct professor of education at the University of San Francisco. Ramsey's doctoral research focused on the cognitive benefits of using sceencasting and tablet technology to help facilitate meaningful learning. 
Jason Kern (http://edtechemu.blogspot.com/2011/01/flipping-economics-classroom.html)Jason is the Director of Technology at The Oakridge School, a K-12 school in Arlington, TX (www.theoakridgeschool.org). He went back in the classroom to co-teach an economics class last spring to try out the flipped model. This is what the economics post and blog are about. The class continues to use the flipped model so the blogs are current with this semester’s new students. They have also had several other teachers use the flipped model for appropriate units including middle and upper school science, math and foreign language. Jason thinks flipping is the best pedagogical tool to gain back valuable class time and allow teachers to spend more time doing hands-on learning. 
Miguel Guhlin (http://www.mguhlin.org/2012/01/3-tips-on-flipping-your-classroom-with.html)As Director of Instructional Technology for a large urban district in Texas, Past President of the state-wide TCEA Technology Education Coordinators group in one of the largest United States technology educator organizations, he continues to model the use of emerging technologies in schools. You can read his published writing, engage him in conversation via his blog at Around the Corner-MGuhlin.org.

Your host is Barbara Bray PD Chair for SigILT (http://barbarabray.net)Moderator is Katie Christo President, SigILT

To be honest, I'm frightened to death of being a part of this conversation as a professional educator because I haven't implemented "flipped classroom" methodology before.

Read the blog entry,
3 Tips on Flipping Your Classroom with #iPads
That fear aside, it wasn't too difficult to imagine how iPads could fit into the Flipped Classroom vision, which is what caught Barbara's attention.

For fun, I've decided to explore The Flipped Classroom from a contrarian perspective, the first blog entry appearing today. I welcome your insights and opinions (including the, "You don't know what you're talking about!!") since it illuminates the various points of view that exist about this.

  1. Corlita's Way - #FlippedClassrooms and Turbulent Homes
  2. Ms. Englehart's Seeks the Path - #FlippedClassrooms in Poverty-Stricken Schools

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Donte Todd said…
Hi, my name is Donte' Todd and I am currently taking Dr. Strange's EDM 310 class. i found this blog to be quite informative. I ,myself, know numerous ways to flip the classroom, however knowing more is always helpful. I found that the link to Ramses Mcuallan's blog to be most intriguing. I think it portrays what kind of classroom we ,as technology fulfilled students, are moving toward.

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