Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dog Eat Dog - Apple Eat Amazon?

While Amazon is delivering products (Kindle Fire) that may not play well in BYOD American schools--and if you can't make it in American public schools, well, will you make it abroad?--they are playing hardball with the Apple iPad! While you'll want to read the whole article, it's clear that Amazon is trying to crack the Apple's monopolistic control of the iPad.
Today's release creates a special page aimed at iPad users, and appears to be a way to target Apple rather than any particularly new technology.
Amazon went the HTML5 route after Apple implemented new policies that resulted in Cupertino taking a 30 percent cut of revenue that all publishers earned from e-book purchases. . .To avoid those fees, Amazon and rivals like Barnes & Noble stopped selling books via their iOS apps, opting instead to sell via the browser, though book purchases still synced to the app. (Source:
Instead of creating a device that allows users to do what they want with it, Apple continues to play these games. Not that Amazon is doing any better in this department (the Kindle Fire is no model of play nice with others). The problem with these approaches--which aren't new and we'll skip the usual list of great technologies that failed to beat out the just good enough--is that the customer suffers.

Alas, this lament is not new, original, creative or otherwise noteworthy. However, it does underscore the value of free, open source approaches, as well as open educational resources (OER). It reminds us that we now have the global power to create open tools and resources.

As a part of my work, I have to use closed technologies in schools. It's too bad that schools can't choose to embrace open technologies and resources, saving American taxpayers billions.

Read more at Edudemic

Full disclosure: I just made that "billions" up.

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Robin Green said...

Well, I'm going to have to hope for Amazon with the hard realization that Apple is doing much better in this game. It'll be a long battle though, whoever does win.

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