Diversity Demands - Never Stop Learning

It's important to shake things up. When schools and organizations start getting monolithic--you can only use this and nothing else--then you know you have problems. In every organization I've had a chance to be a part of, it's been easy to see the trend toward uniformity, towards standardization. The reason is often less that it benefits students, teaching, learning and leading, but rather, the status quo whose maintainers cry out, "I can't keep up with all the changes!" and make a conscious decision to stop learning.

Stop learning...it's not an option in today's schools. Are your network technicians, superintendents, principals, "leaders," and teachers constantly learning or have they traded the edge of experience for the blunt dullness of the dullard?

 In regards to learning management systems, or, course management systems (which I think is the more appropriate title), Moodle still whips the socks off the competition that costs lots of money. That includes Blackboard, Instructure's Canvas, and other solutions out there. Still, there are many ways to approach learning, to engage learners. As we are diverse beings, engagement remains one of our greatest opportunities to touch the hearts and minds of learners.

Thanks to Laura Gibbs for sharing.

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