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As luck would have it, I'll be walking through the process of designing an online course to be deployed to a few thousand staff. I'm planning to work with a subject matter expert after we obtain district-level support. It's a make-or-break kind of situation...if the course does the job well, it means we may get more business in online course design for mandatory professional development. If the course is poorly designed, fails to achieve its goal, well, we've wasted a lot of time.

Designing the course is obviously a critical component, but even more so is working with stakeholders to ensure that the course has support AHEAD of development. I want to make sure that we know what success looks like before we begin, how we will measure it, and what activities will be allowable.

That process was essentially in my head, so I was glad to see this article via DougPete on action mapping. Here's the process that sometimes plays out in course design; you'll want to read the full blog entry to see what the suggested approach is:
Without action mapping:
  1. The client says, “I need a course.”
  1. You say, “Okay.”
  1. The client gives you a pile of content, the phone number of a subject matter expert (SME), and a deadline.
  1. You create a detailed storyboard or script, getting information as necessary from the SME. The structure of the information determines the structure of the course.
  1. The client and SME approve the script and you go into production.
  1. The course is made available and your job is done.
Fascinating stuff. Be sure to read the complete article by Cathy Moore.

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