Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 3 - #iPad Experiment - Gmail Setup

If you're an avid Gmail user, one of the startling aspects of Gmail as experienced through the Mail app on the iPad isn't that you can easily access all your email, even that in folder or labels. It's not that you can easily star email messages, change their label/tag and re-assign them out of your inbox at will.

No, the startling thing is that the inability to DELETE email. If you setup your Gmail account using the Gmail Account wizard in the iPad Mail app, you will find yourself hunting for the little trashcan that symbolizes delete or send email to trash. It's not available. Instead, you are archiving messages. I don't know about you, but I don't want to archive the countless emails I get from solicitors...I want to delete it.

Fortunately, I know that the DELETE/TRASH button does exist since I can see it on another IMAP email account I have. A simple solution is to NOT use the GMAIL account setup wizard in the iPad settings. Instead, set up an OTHER email account and choose IMAP email account.

The information you have to enter is straightforward:
Incoming Mail Server:
Outgoing Mail Server:

Once you've done that--also entering your username and password where appropriate--you'll see your Gmail account information appear...and when it's time to delete an email in your inbox, you will see the Trash icon instead of the archive box!

Another neat tip is that if you look at your inbox, you can swipe left above a message title, and a DELETE button will appear.

Let me know if this tip is helpful to you!


Paul Barrette said...

We've been using the Google "Search" app to access our Google Apps mail accounts and it works very well. The separate (and free) Gmail app also works well. The drawback of both these approaches is that you lose built-in email integration within iOS (i.e. sending a file through email). However, Dropbox and are pretty good alternatives.

We found that setting up our Google Apps calendar as a CalDAV account worked perfectly in the built-in iOS Calendar app. You can also specify multiple calendars by visiting this link,

Kristy Vincent said...

Hmmm... I have my GAFE account and personal GMail on mine. Once I click on a message, I can click the first icon (a folder with the down arrow) and then I CAN click the trashcan. One was set up through the email wizard and the other was set up with IMAP.

What really drove me crazy was that the second icon (for archiving) I didn't know what it was for or where my mail was going when I clicked it :) That one took a while. LOL

Anonymous said...

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Mr. RCollins said...

Set up your account as GMail, then go into the mail settings for that account and turn off "Archive Messages" It will then show you the delete/trashcan option instead of Archive. This is a Google thing, they want you to archive everything instead of delete. When GMail was first released there wasn't even a delete option. :-)

Personally, I set up my Google accounts as Exchange accounts. I get push email and the ability to sync my contacts, along with my calendars.

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