Day 2 - iPad Experiments

Teach with Your iPad - Apps According to Bloom's Taxonomy

Ok, in case you hadn't figured it out, I'm exploring the iPad. I'm tired of Tim Holt--and lots of other folks--extolling the virtues. Maybe I've been too hard on this device (I don't think so).

Some neat apps that have made the iPad interesting so far include:

Puffin Free Browser - Allows you to watch Flash videos. I'm hoping this will serve as a much better replacement to the Safari and Terra browsers which leave a lot to be desired.

PaperPort Notes - This is an interesting note-taking app. I'm not completely sold on it, since it creates PDFs from your notes...of course, it does allow you to upload them to just about anywhere (e.g. GoogleDocs, EverNote, Dropbox to name a few).

SugarSync - Have content that you want to put on your ipad but don't know how to get it done? SugarSync makes it darn simple! You can upload something (epub ebook) via the web interface, tap the SYNC ALL button on your iPad, and let it go to work! You can then open the ePub with Stanza app if you have it installed.

I typed this on the iPod Touch Blogger app...I sure wish there was one for iPad!

Finally...I plug the iPad2 into a LubuntuLinux machine. Says "Not charging" but that's a's powered against its will.


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