Thursday, January 19, 2012

Blogging via iPad Blogger App

Ok, this is a quick test of the iPad blogger app. Wait, I mis-spoke. It's actually the iPhone Blogger app blown up to 2x its normal size.

The benefits? I won't go blind writing blog entries, it looks like it might work. Another neat can edit existing blog entries. You can also paste in photos (you can take them right then and there) or snapshots from your Camera roll.

The problems? Well, it's like blogging on a big iTouch--which isn't too inaccurate--and having to deal with half the screen eaten up by the onscreen keyboard. Also, no easy way to post images or links.

That said, for straight note-taking, it might do the job. Of course, I'm leaning towards Mail on the iPad as the best blogging app at this point (you know, email the entry to your blog posting address).

Ok, enough playing. Thanks for coming along on this experiment!

BTW...Google, would you mind developing an iPad friendly Blogger app?


John R. Sowash said...

My reaction was similar when I tested the blogger App. Here's a link to my review:

Google is falling behind in terms of mobile development. They need to step it up and begin making their products accessible on mobile devices. Docs, Blogger, and Sites all need mobile versions.

pshircliff said...

my students are using it on the 2 iPads we have in class. Somewhat functional. I wish there was a way to insert/upload pictures to Google PicasaWeb or Presentation from the iPad apps (I dont want to scroll down through 15 pictures)

aminul islam said...

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