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#FlippedClassrooms Webinar from ISTE @bbray

Thanks to Barbara Bray's kindness, I've been invited to participate in an ISTE SIG-ILT webinar, The Flipped Classroom. Here's  a quick overview from the information page:

Not sure about flipping your classroom? Join us in a conversation with teachers and teacher leaders who have flipped and love sharing!!

Join the Webinar here: 9 at 7pm ET, 6pm CT, 5pm MT, and 4pm PT
This is the conversation to join where you will learn about how you can flip your classroom, tools teachers use, and some examples. Barbara Bray asked Ramsey Musallam, Jason Kern, and Miguel Guhlin to present some ideas, examples and more. They graciously agreed to share their ideas, tips, and more then we'll invite questions from the audience to share in a great conversation about flipping the classroom. 

The Flipped Classroom Panel includes:
Ramsey Musallam ( is a high school chemistry teacher at Science Department Chairperson at Sacred Heart Cathed…

Make It Work - Cherry, Whip Cream and Schools #iPad #edchat

"Social Media...How to make it work in the classroom." The headline elicited a laugh. I haven't read the article yet and don't know who wrote it (ok, I've clicked it and I see some familiar names, including Texas' favorite librarian, Carolyn "technolibrary" Foote! Kudos!). A question going around in my mind is, how have schools re-aligned themselves so that powerful, easy to use technologies like the iPad and Linux-based netbooks impact the bottom-line of schools?

Should school teachers be mobilizing to spend so much time making technology designed for personal, non-instructional use work in the classroom? It's a question that some school districts may be asking, and it's a great way to introduce technology that has no purpose being mis-appropriated for classroom use with students. In fact, we can have a bit of fun with the idea and invite others to conversation...maybe the T&L article would be a start.

As much as I enjoy using social medi…

Technology Mgmt - Free Training and/or Certification

A colleague recently shared the following free training opportunities:DHS/FEMA Certified Cyber Security TrainingDigital Forensics, CyberIncidences, etc. And, from the CoSN group, Certified Education Technology Leader assessment is available! Exam info below: If you are looking for a way to boost your skills and add a line to your resume, then you should apply to take the new Certified Education Technology Leader exam. This is a nationally normed exam that is based on the Framework of Essential Skills for the K-12 CTO. Read the attached flyer and register soon. The deadline is February 3 for the upcoming administration. You can find the online application form for the assessment here.

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Corlita's Way - #FlippedClassrooms and Turbulent Homes

A Flipped Scenario:
When Corlita left Seguin Elementary school, in her backpack she had something that was worth more than everything she had in her home, including the clothes on her back--an Apple iPad 3. Her teacher had put it in her hands, shown her how she could access the teacher videos on tomorrow's lessons. Corlita couldn't wait to get home, a corner of the Children's Shelter set aside for children to do their homework. After dinner, she planned to snuggle up and watch the videos. As a 5th grader without access to television, watching her teacher talk would be just wonderful.
After dinner, though, her Mom showed up to pick her up."Sweetie," she started, the moisture of tears damp upon her cheeks, "we're going home to Grandma's!"
"What about my homework, Mamí?"
"No te preocupes, amor. We'll move Tuesday through Friday, and you get a vacation! We can drop your books off to Ms. Englehart at the door and she can walk them over…

Exploring #! Crunchbang Linux

As a result of some Google+ conversations, listening to the sometimes slightly bawdy EverydayLinux, I decided to give a lightweight Linux distribution a Linux which is represented with a #!
Crunchbang is described in this way on their web site: CrunchBang is a Debian GNU/Linux based distribution offering a great blend of speed, style and substance. Using the nimble Openbox window manager, it is highly customisable and provides a modern, full-featured GNU/Linux system without sacrificing performance.You can download it here - Video tutorial on installation:

The first thing that threw me off was the keyboard wasn't set for US. This manifested itself when I couldn't type an email address at a login page...the @ symbol wouldn't appear but quotes " did. It seemed an insurmountable problem for me since I had never encountered it before, but …

Taking Flight - Mobile Devices Blur Boundaries

Facilitated by mobile devices, blurred boundaries of work/school and home bring opportunities for conversation with our children, don't they?

My 18 year old, when I ask what she's doing texting as we head out to dinner, quickly points out as she hands her phone over--voluntarily--that she's collaborating on her homework. Good thing, too, since her homework is often over my head. That kind of response took one colleague by surprise, when she asked her son why he was doing this at the table at a restaurant. "Sorry, Mom," he replied, "we're working on our big chemistry project and I needed to answer a few questions." Children are nimble learners amidst schedules that adults impose on them for their own good.
While it's clear that mobile devices can be employed for social activities, often at inappropriate moments, in my home, education activities take precedence. If you have work to do--writing, reading, calculus--then it's a priority over socia…

#Google Edu resources launched

You know, it's amazing how many neat web sites are launched per day. Here's 3 more to add to your social bookmarks, courtesy of Tia Lendo at Google (she shared it via the Google-Certified Teacher list I get to lurk on, thank you so very much):
Check out 3 new resources we launched today for educators and education-enthusiasts. Thank you to the MANY people on this list who contributed stories, feedback, and support:
(1) WEBSITE- A newly-improved website,, which is a one-stop-shop for Google in Education.(2) +PAGE- A Google in Education Google+ page, which has news, tips,and discussions ( BOOKLET- A booklet, "Google in Education: A New and Open World for Learning,” which describes how people are using Google’s education resources (
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Thanks Joe Smith @!

When I stopped being a columnist for Education World and TCEA TechEdge, I gave some serious thought to seeking publication sources elsewhere. And, though, I've published in several print magazines, written a chapter--or collaborated in two cases--in a book, had my articles featured in books, etc., I have to admit that the greatest satisfaction in writing thus far has come from this blog, Around the Corner! I don't receive any pay for blogging and find it difficult to imagine my blog festooned with advertising, which I tried once and cringed at the sight.

It's hard to believe that when I started blogging 6 years ago or so--about the same time Wes Fryer did, as a matter of fact--for fun, for learning, that I would find myself still doing it long after my initial burst of curiosity. That Around the Corner readers continue to visit, read, comment, and share flashes of reflection and learning day after day boggles the mind.

As exciting as it is to get published in print, I fin…