Sunday, December 4, 2011

#Giveaway - Free #SnowFox Screen Recorder

There are lots of different screencapture/screencasting tools available for free on Windows, Mac and Linux! Some of the ones I've used recently include the following:

1) BB Flashback Recorder - This is a free program that allows you to record your screen for an unlimited amount of time depending on your hard drive space and then save the video/audio recording to FLV or AVI video formats. For example, I recently recorded a how-to install Moodle 2.1 using XAMPP on Windows, and BB Flashback Recorder did a wonderful job! This product works on Windows only.

2) Jing Project - Techsmith is a well-known name in this area, and Jing was one of the first tools I used to record short video recordings no longer than 5 minutes (a limit). You are, of course, encouraged to purchase the Camtasia Pro product that allows unlimited recording and allows for simple editing. This products works on Mac and Windows computers.

A new giveaway from SnowFox Software, running December 7-11, 2011 is for Screen Recorder. Here's the announcement I received via email:
This is Jodie from SnowFox Software. Glad to cooperate with you again. We will give away SnowFox Screen Recorder from December 7th to December 11th, 2011. I think your reader may feel interested about this. So it's appreciated if you could post this information on your website before hand.Free activate SnowFox Screen Recorder page, Duration: December. 7th, 2011 to December. 11th, 2011. 
For Facebook fans: 
Website:, SnowFox software provides up to 60% OFF on Christmas big bundles:

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