Doug Johnson's "The Classroom Teacher's Survival Guide to Technology"

Pre-Order this Title - Due Out end of February, 2012
Check out Doug "Blue Skunk" Johnson's new book and pre-order it! Please note that I received an advanced peek at the manuscript.
A comprehensive guide for integrating educational technology in the K-12 classroomThis is a must-have resource for all K-12 teachers and administrators who want to really make the best use of available technologies. Written by Doug Johnson, an expert in educational technology, The Classroom Teacher's Technology Survival Guide is replete with practical tips teachers can easily use to engage their students and make their classrooms places where both students and teachers will enjoy learning.
  • Covers the most up-to-date technologies and how they can best be used in the classroom
  • Includes advice on upgrading time-tested educational strategies using technology
  • Talks about managing "disruptive technologies" in the classroom
  • Includes a wealth of illustrative examples, helpful suggestions, and practical tips
This timely book provides a commonsense approach to choosing and using educational technology to enhance learning.

Here are some items I wrote as "ADVANCE PRAISE" for Doug's The Classroom Teacher's Survival Guide to Technology...I had fun writing these one morning after reading the book. May the Blue Skunk forgive me...yellow-highlighted items are the ones I particularly enjoyed! 


"Wondering whether new, emerging technologies will drown you in a mudslide of confusion? Don't despair, Doug Johnson's embrace of technology will remind you of grandpa's hug of a 5-year old clad in mud and leaves - warmly conditional, and life-saving."

"Read Doug Johnson yet? If you haven't, this book ensures you will find a balanced approach to implementing powerful technologies in your classroom."

"The practical suggestions offered in this book provide insightful and essential resources for blending technology into your every day classroom work."

"Re-title this book--The Book of Wisdom: A balanced guide to classroom technology integration by folksy, easy to read, veteran educator, Doug Johnson."

"Disruptive technologies, productivity tools, cloud computing--the 21st Century is rife with acronyms and gordian knots. With insight as keen as a butter knife, Doug Johnson tucks understanding into classroom corners like icing a mudpie on a summer afternoon."

"Disruptive technologies, productivity tools, cloud computing--the 21st Century is rife with acronyms and gordian knots. Doug Johnson's keen insight cuts through the essence of what classroom teachers--and their principals--need to know to make learning happen."

"A veteran educator, speaker, parent and grandparent, Doug Johnson brings years of experience in growing and learning to topics and teachers grasping for meaning, like pink lady's slippers reaching for the sun after the snow."

"A very helpful book to keep up with the rapidly diversifying technology-based education tools available to schools and classroom teachers."

"A fastidiously researched text, a must-read for pre-service teachers hoping to make sense of schools, technology and the linchpin role they play as nurturers of the morning--our children's teachers. Start your journey towards the dawn now by buying this book!"

"I dwelt in sorrow in the dark and grey, then Doug Johnson's book lit up the sky like a comet falling fey. My spirits uplifted, I rose to grasp the fallen light and began to set things right."

"I heartily endorse this Survival Guide, replete with Doug Johnson's wisdom and experience. I strongly recommend it to all who have run afoul of Maxwell's Demon as they sought to enliven their classroom with new, hot technologies."

"I heartily endorse this Survival Guide, replete with Doug Johnson's wisdom and experience. I strongly recommend it to all who have run afoul of technology as they sought to make learning POP! with hot, engaging, alluring technologies."

"A delightfully insightful book guaranteed to bring smiles to your face as you learn how to marshal new technologies for use with your students."

"Technologies that personally empower you, writes Doug Johnson, are the ones to share with your students. This book will help you find those passionate uses of technology; it certainly stoked my fires!"

"This book looks beyond traditional approaches to technology in the classroom, to the essence of what really enhances learning in K-12 learners and their teachers. A must read in these tough times of arid spirits and limited imagination."

"I found the Survival Guide to be really informative and entertaining. By reading this book, teachers will learn how to be better teachers who use technology."

"This book offers educators a practical guide to dissolving misconceptions about the use of technology in teaching and learning situations."

"Are you a doubting Thomas about technology's use in schools today? Doug Johnson's no-nonsense approach will make you wonder why you didn't keep asking 'Why?' to 'Why not?' and move beyond your doubt. I know I did!"

Note: I wrote all the advance praise for Doug's book on a lark. Thanks to Doug for being a good sport about it!

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doug0077 said…

You leave me nearly speechless by your generosity and kindness. Let's hope both our writings contribute to positive changes in education now and in the future.

Thank you, thank you,


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