#Android Apps on My Phone 2012 (Updated 1/2/12)

Samsung Galaxy blows Motorola Cliq out of the water ;-)

Two days ago, grateful that the AT&T merger with T-Mobile had been de-railed (yay!!), I renewed my mobile phone contract, abandoning my Motorola Cliq for the Samsung Galaxy, a wonderful phone that easily plays video, audio, has ample storage, and, well, blows my Motorola Cliq out of the water.

Since I haven't updated my list of favorite apps in awhile--it was fruitless to do so on the Cliq since the phone just couldn't handle it--I thought I'd revisit my original list of Android Apps.

You can check the original list here, and here's my new list of currently "Great" (I notice I used that word quite a bit below) installed, no cost apps for 2012...what do you have installed on your's?

Update 01/1/2012: I've added recommendations from Scott Laleman and Rusty Meyners! Those are highlighted! Check 'em out!

Communication/Social Networking
  1. GO SMS Pro - This is my new preferred SMS message application. Works great and is preferred over old favorites (Handcent and ChompSMS). Combine it with SMS Backup+ to backup all your text messages to Gmail.
  2. GoogleTranslate - Speak into your phone and have another language come out...nifty!
  3. Social Networking
    1. Buffer - Want to tweet at work but worried your boss is tracking the time of your tweets? Use this app to tweet/share info to, scheduling when items appear via Twitter. Nice!
    2. Facebook - Facebook access....
    3. Google+ - Let's you access G+...what else?
    4. Plurka - A plurker? This is the best app.
    5. Twitter - I tried most of the Twitter apps (e.g. Hootsuite, Tweetcast, Tweetdeck) and kept coming back to simple Twitter app.
  4. Opera Mini - Great, fast browser.
  5. Skype - VOIP application...pretty obvious.
  6. TouchDown (Android 2.0) (Pro License) - Looking for MS Exchange ActiveSync support so you can check your work email? This is the only program that will get the job done.

Cloud Storage
  • Dropbox (SugarSync is great, too)

  1. B&N Nook - An eReader for your Nook books, but also will read ePub books you sideload into the MyDocuments folder on your phone...that eliminates the need for FBReader.
  2. FBReader - If you're reading ePub documents, as well as others, FBReader is the program for you. It also gives you access to online libraries of free ePub books, and is well worth the download.
Fitness and Food
  1. MyFitnessPal - Love this app that helps you track how much you eat per day (calories-exercise).
  2. Push Ups - Want to get up to a daily count of push-ups? This will help you get there!
  3. Squats
  4. UrbanSpoon - Helps you find restaurants to eat at!
Planning to try out a few others on this list but haven't had time yet.

Image Capture/Editing/Annotation

  1. RetroCamera - Apply vintage effects to photos you take. Thanks to Scott Laleman for this recommendation! He writes: "Check out the following posts for examples: http://namelal.posterous.com/la-gloria-pearl-brewery-and-the-museum-extens and http://namelal.posterous.com/day-trip-luling-texas-and-palmetto-state-park "
  2. Skitch - Great image annotation tool.

Media (Audio/Video)
  1. Flixster's Movies - Find out what the movie times are at the local theatre...this app looks them up based on your location.
  2. Netflix - Watch Netflix videos on your phone...nifty!
  3. Pandora - Stream music
  4. tinyPlayer - A great no frills audio player...point it at a directory on your phone and it starts working.
  5. Tone Picker - Lets you select any audio file as a notification, ringtone sound
  6. TuneIn Radio - Listen to any radio station, anywhere.

  1. Astrid To-Do List/task-manager - Enables you to modify to-do/task lists via the web and those sync to your phone.
  2. Evernote - Great note-taking, audio note-taking app.
  3. GoogleDocs for Android - View/edit GDocs on the go.
  4. gUnit Converter - Convert from one form of measurement (kilos, miles, kilometers) to another.
  • History Eraser - Wipe out browser cache, search history, and other stuff with this.
  • KeePassDroid - Access your KeepassX files with this on your Android phone. Must have for security on the go.
Widgets or Helpful Android Apps
  1. ApnSwitch - Turns off your 3G to conserve battery
  2. Barcode Scanner - Scan in those QR Codes!
  3. Battery Defender - Shows you your battery status and works actively to save "juice." To be honest, I'm surprised at how well this app does its job! Fantastic!
  4. ClockworkMod Tether is a completely free wired tether app for unrooted Android phones.
  5. Easy Uninstaller - batch uninstall--more than one at a time--of apps.
  6. OI File Manager -  free open source File Manager (e.g. Files is also available on your phone).
  7. OI Flashlight - no frills flashlight. 
  8. ShareMyApps - Let's you create a backup list of installed Apps on your phone so you can share with others...that's how I made this list!
  9. Where's My Droid? - Helps you find your phone when it's on silent and you don't know where it is.
  10. WiFi File Explorer - Stream content off your phone via your comptuer (e.g. listen to music, access files on your phone from your computer without a cable)
  11. Wifi Mode Widget - Turn WiFi on or off, although it's superfluous given that you can just do this via the Notifications bar. Still, some may prefer to use this widget instead of the other approach.
Recommendations from Rusty Meyners:

  1. WiFi Analyzer has been the most valuable techie tool for me and co-workers.
  2. Google Goggles, if you haven't tried it, besides scanning codes also attempts to identify images.
  3. eduPort distinuishes itself among Khan Academy apps in that it conveniently caches videos for offline use AND accesses numerous other video collections such as TED Talks.
  4. C:Geo for geocaching is open source and last I checked is considered superior to the $10 "official" app.
  5. Remote RDP Lite is best free remote desktop client I've found for Windows RDP.
  6. Remote VNC w/Ad for VNC client - haven't used much but assume it a good choice because same developer as Remote RDP Lite.
  7. Sky Drive Browser - yea, this is at least 3rd choice for cloud repository but 25 (T W E N T Y - F I V E) GIGS speaks for itself.
  8. Amazon Appstore along with something like My Daily Free Amazon App for daily notification of the free app for that day, since the Appstore has no way to sort or search for it. Soon enough this will get you free access to the $15 premium office suites such as:
  9. Office Suite Pro seems (but haven't compared lately) to have best Google Docs integration AND editing tools though..
  10. Docs to Go also has good GDocs integration (also Dropbox & Boxnet) and editing tools look effective, if less intuitively accessible.
  11. Quickoffice Pro beats them all for cloud integration with about every repository out there including Evernote but not SkyDrive.
  12. - - - Also - Even if you don't install it, once you "Save" a free App of the Day, you have free access to it anytime later on any device.
  13. HeyTell for push-to-talk or walkie-talkie style voice messaging.
  14. Join.me Viewer for on-the-fly remote desktop support. If you haven't tried this free web-based service, you should. Maybe not unique but simple interface and easiest to remember.
  15. WordPress
  16. TCEA 2012
  17. avast Mobile Security is brand new and I'm currently trying it but Lookout Mobile Security has been the established favorite.

Apps that Cost Money

  1. App Protector Pro ($1.50) - Protect any app...privacy protection.
  2. CameraWiFi LiveStream ($.99) - Stream video over the web from your phone.
  3. CamScanner Pro - Scan documents using your phone.
  4. EasyTether - Connect your computer to your phone for Internet access in a pinch! This is worth the investment.
  5. Swarm Torrent Client ($4.99) - Need to download something but can't because torrent downloads--even legitimate ones--are blocked on the network you're using (e.g. work)? Use this and get the torrent download via your phone.

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