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At the risk of pushing people out of their comfort zone, especially those in schools who expect to use a low-cost machine with high-end video-editing software, I'd like to make a radical suggestion.

The suggestion comes as a result of this forum post:
I’d like your thoughts on notebooks or netbooks for classroom use.  These would primarily be used for typing documents, internet research, developing presentations using online sites and MS Moviemaker. Nothing would be saved to the notebook as students would save to the network or straight to the online site.  There would be playback of video but not any large files. 

As I reflected on the various responses to this--how to deal with an lousy Moviemaker that crashes periodically and can barely work on netbooks running Windows--it occurred to me that GNU/Linux users had access to a nice video editor (FINALLY!) known as Openshot Video Editor.

To help things along, I sent the following response to the person after trying it out on a Dell 2100 (not the latest and greatest, you may notice) netbook and it worked GREAT:

In lieu of Moviemaker and Windows, has anyone tried OpenShot Video Editor? It's a free, open source video editor for UbuntuLinux. 

For fun, I downloaded the AVLinux ISO file (which can be made into a CD)--which has OpenShot Video Editor installed--and put it on a USB flash drive using UNETBOOTIN (free as well). This makes it possible to run the AVLinux ISO file off a USB flash drive instead of a compact disc (CD). 
Moving along...I plugged the USB flash drive with AVLinux and OpenShot Video editor into a Dell 2100 netbook, then booted off the flash drive (Press F12 for that option). 
Surprisingly, OpenShot worked beautifully to edit a 20meg video file (I also added an image as a cover). If you added a second flash drive for data storage, you could save your data onto it. 
You can see screenshots of what OpenShot looks like online:

You might also try

If that's not your cup of tea, here's a list of web-based video editors courtesy of David Kapuler via Dr. Howie DiBlasi (on this list, right?) via an emailed newsletter that arrived in my inbox today:

Top 9 Sites for Video Editing*

  Here are my favorite sites for editing videos -- a valuable skill for technology literacy.
  1. Stroome- A great collaborative site that allows users to upload video and edit by adding, transitions, effects, audio, etc.
  2. Drag On Tape- A innovative site that is very easy to use. All a user has to do is search for a video and then drag-and-drop it into the timeline editor. Once a video is dropped into edit mode, a user can add text, crop, etc.
  3. Pixorial- Is a wonderful site for uploading (or sending in the mail) video that can be stored online and then edited. A user can add an intro, crop, and add audio (stock audio too) to edit their video and then order a DVD or share/embed into a site.
  4. My Brainshark- Is a very interesting site that offers a lot of features to their users. A user can upload any number of items such as a slideshow, document, or video and then add audio to their project.
  5. Viewbix- Is a simple site to use for adding an interactive linkable button in a YouTube or Facebook video.
  6. Overstream- A great site for adding comments and subtitles to a video. Once a video is created it can then be shared online for others to view and rate.
  7. Tube Chop- Is an easy way to crop and edit YouTube videos and then share with others.
  8. Splicd- Similar to Tube Chop for cropping a video by adjusting the start/stop times and sharing with others.
  9. SnipSnip.It- A site similar to Tube Chop and Splicd for cropping a YouTube video to highlight the important parts.
David Kapuler is an educational consultant with more than 10 years of experience working in the K-12 environment. For more information about his work, contact him at and read his blog at

*Note that I removed Jaycut from David's list since it's no longer available.

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