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St. Phillip's College has been transitioning from Blackboard/WebCT to Instructure Canvas. A small group reviewed Instructure, made a presentation to the Board, and the Board approved purchase in October. They hope to have a training in Spring, and by Spring 2013, they will be fully converted to the new LMS.

Estelita Young (Instructure, Director of Sales) started in February, 2011 with Instructure. She's worked for WebCT, Wimba and has been teaching online. Instructure Canvas came on the horizon and she shares how she struggled with "the friction of what has to happen when you want to deliver content online." Instructure Canvas has been awarded a contract with UT Austin.
Estelita Young
6415 South 3000 East
Suite 100
Salt Lake City, UT 84121
Two graduate students were given an assignment by their professor...they were to look for whatever wasn't working. After 7 months of feedback, making changes, adjustments, they sat down to write it...they used Ruby on Rails.

Canvas (https://canvas.instructure.com/login) has a dashboard and features the following:
  1. OpenAPI
  2. Learning Tool Interoperability (LTI) Integration
  3. Email notifications to multiple accounts
  4. Pictures in Class Roster - not yet available but will be in 2012.
  5. Provides interactions and sends notification through GoogleDocs, Skype, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Delicious, Diigo. Students just get a notification. Get notifications via multiple venues.
  6. Students want to be notified in a variety of ways...all of it is tracked inside of Canvas.
  7. Students can export ePortfolio as HTML or the school can keep it running.
  8. Nice full screen calendar...features drag-n-drop events in the calendar. Neat thing is that it updates the syllabus, sends out student notifications and assignment due dates automatically. It also has a calendar feed that can be put into Outlook or other stuff.
  9. Does the faculty have a dashboard of all recent activity? Yes.
  10. Instructure can import course content from other LMS (Moodle Course Import tool is under development).
    1. Blackboard/Vista
    2. Angel Learning
    3. Supports Common Course Cartridges
    4. Cengage
    5. D2L Export
    6. McGraw Hill
    7. QIT
  11. Easy adjustment of events and due dates for imported course--automatically adapts course dates during import.
  12. Allows you to access the syllabus
  13. Course elements are automatically hyperlinked when inserted into Syllabus, such as:
    1. Wiki
    2. Word documents
    3. Images
    4. Links
    5. YouTube video embedding
    6. Flickr Creative Common Image search
    7. Equation editor (LaTeX support)
    8. Record/Upload Media from the content editor
    9. Scribd is used to share
    10. Kaltura video support
    11. BigBlueButton for audio conferences
  14. Can it support control-release? Only if it's been released.
  15. Can documents like Academic Honesty policy, or other items that need to be preloaded. Response: Think of Canvas courses as templates...you can set those up ahead of time for faculty to work from.
  16. Support for SpeedGrader - available on iPad as an app as well as other places. Click the link to see more info and videos via YouTube.
    1. Provides speech recognition when using Google Chrome browser
  17. Making sure Canvas makes sure students are turning in their work:
    1. TurnItIn
    2. Respondus
    3. Axium
    4. http://www.proctoru.com/ (mentioned but not sure if it is supported or not)
  18. Authentication Measures:
    1. You can see time on task (course level)
  19. NavBar:
    1. Customizable
    2. Elements can be controlled via Navigation
    3. Elements
      1. Announcements
      2. Syllabus
      3. Discussions
      4. Modules
      5. Assignments
      6. Conferences
        1. Wimba
        2. BigBlueButton
      7. Chat
      8. Outcomes
      9. Quizzes
      10. People
      11. Files
      12. Pages
      13. Grades
      14. Wikis
  20. Supports Mobiles devices
    1. Native App for IoS devices (e.g. iPhone,iPod,Ipad)
    2. Android
    3. Access it via mobile web browser
  21. No Java at all
  22. File Manager
  23. All ASP model ("in the cloud")

  • Slick system

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