ePub, DRM and GoogleBooks - Oh #Nook!

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Want to buy a book through Google Books but not sure what the process is? You're not alone! I started to go through the process but stopped short of buying a book. What stopped me was whether I would have to deal with Adobe Digital Rights Management (DRM) or not. It's a bit of a pain to go through DRM books and deal with "Adobe Digital Designs"--a nice way of saying you can't make copies of books you buy--and I understand why some folks want to go Kindle or Nook and buy all their books there.

In truth, the only real way is to strip DRM from books and sell them that way. Of course, that's crazy talk, isn't it? In the meantime, how do you get a Google Book in ePub DRM'd format over to your Nook?

One question to ask is, "Is the Google Book ePub format locked down with DRM?"

The ePub book IS DRM'd (or protected) and will require Adobe Digital Designs be installed on your computer to enable the transfer. There is a nice video and more instructions available online at the link below that explain the situation:

Knowing that this is Adobe Digital Designs, I'm going to go with the answer shown below:

...you are free to move your items to up to six computers and six devices that have been authorized with Digital Editions.
 http://www.adobe.com/products/digitaleditions/faq/ under "How do I enable content portability?"

and, for even better clarity...

You can activate up to six computers or devices . If you reach the limit, contact Customer Service to reset your activations.
Source: FAQ, 
What is the maximum number of computers and devices that I can authorize?

That means your Adobe Digital Design AdobeID can be used--and all content attached to that Adobe ID--on 6 devices.

Does that work with ipad? Hmm...not sure since no mention of number is made.

Another interesting tool for iOS and Android focused folks is the BlueFire Reader. I will have to play around with that.

Will I buy a GoogleBook? Well, no. Who wants to mess with Adobe Digital Design that is tied to one computer? They obviously have no idea how many times I reformat computers, use GNU/Linux, or switch machines. Right now, I'll stick with Barnes & Noble for my Nook, and Amazon for the Kindles in the family.

I can't imagine buying newspapers that have been DRM'd....

Future print and online publications of the popular newspaper will now include bestseller rankings for ebook sales, alongside their print counterparts. Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble and Google will be among the retailers that pass on numbers to Nielsen, where the WSJ takes its figures from.
The WSJ will follow the New York Times and USA Today who include similar lists.
via AfterDawn.com

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