Friday, November 4, 2011

Apple, Mosquitoes, and Lasers - Ripping Space-Time


Wow, it was just a short time ago I was reading that Windows 8 had the potential to prevent PCs from running any other operating system except Windows. Of course, Windows 8 may not turn out to be so bad...

In an e-mail exchange and a follow-up phone conversation, a Dell spokesperson told me, “Dell has plans to make SecureBoot an enable/disable option in BIOS setup.” (That’s exactly what the FSF is demanding.)
The spokesperson [for HP] confirmed for me that HP has no plans to participate in any conspiracy against a non-Windows OS: “HP will continue to offer its customers a choice of operating systems. We are working with industry partners to evaluate the options that will best serve our customers.”
Source:  Leading PC makers confirm: no Windows 8 plot to lock out Linux

But wait! If you were looking for some piratical plot to purloin users from GNU/Linux, maybe there's something else coming up that will help lock in the helpless to an Apple operating system.

Now, it's interesting to read that Apple may only allow apps purchased from its "App store:"
"And so it begins: Apple will require that all Mac apps submitted to the Mac App store stick to strict sandboxing requirements. This means you must ask Apple for read or read/write entitlements for additional folders outside your Application Support folder before your app is approved. There are also restrictions on direct hardware access, communication to processes your app did not start, or even something simple as taking a screenshot. All that is needed after this to turn your Mac into an appliance is to only allow app installations from App Store."
via Slashdot
You know, GNU/Linux never looked so good. Have you checked out Ubuntu 11.10 or Peppermint Two? Two nice options that are beautiful to look at and don't lock you into whatever the Microsoft/Apple folks constraints are that they need to put in place to make you spend more money.

I'm sure it's an over-reaction. I was considering buying a Mac Air for my senior about to leave for college next year (I'm accepting donations for that! 8->) but may have to reconsider if you can't have dual boot on the device.

Since I'm completely ignorant on sandboxing--see? I admitted that, so no comments alleging that I don't know what I'm talking about since I've disclosed that fact already--does this mean solutions like VirtualBox might not work on Apple computers? Would I still be able to dual boot using a solution like rEFIT?

On a positive note, these acts by Microsoft and Apple may not matter in the slightest, given the news below:
those pesky physicists are at it again; they want to build a laser so powerful that it will literally rip spacetime apart.  (Read source)

Why don't we spend precious funding on important stuff like mosquito prevention? Instead of using fancy technologies to rip space-time apart....
 If you have an invisible wall of light, how will mosquitoes and fruit flies react? They do walk or fly into it. Then they turn back. They don’t want to cross it,” says Márka. (Watch this video here to see how the mosquitoes stop at the invisible wall of light.) 
Read source - Using a Light Barrier to Repel Mosquitoes

Imagine what a 200 petawatt, space-time ripping laser could do for mosquito prevention!! Now that is something worth doing! 

Image Source:
Of course, maybe we should just use a NASA tractor beam to capture and relocate errant mosquitoes with a taste for human flesh?

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