Trying Out Ubuntu 11.10

Once Ubuntu started with its Unity thing, I decided to switch to something else (e.g. Peppermint ICE/Two) and, for the most part, I've been pretty happy except for little things. Today, though, helping out a friend with an infested Dell d520, I found none of my USB flash drives running Peppermint or SystemRescue would work on it. . .that is, until I tried my UbuntuLinux 11.10 USB drive.

I'd made the Ubuntu 11.10 bootable USB flash drive for fun, to experiment with the new version of one of my favorite Linux distros, and wow, I wasn't prepared for how nice it was. Sure enough, it booted on the d520 and I managed to save my friend's phD research (no backups...none whatsoever anywhere else), which totalled about 375 megs of MS Word documents, Powerpoint presentations, and other critical stuff (tears in the eyes when she was able to pull up the stuff she'd been slaving over).

Since Ubuntu 11.10 had worked where other distros had failed, I've created a persistent USB flash drive, replacing my Peppermint Two installation on my 16gig flash drive. I'm hoping that it will serve me better in the future.

If the killer app is the cloud these days, Google Chrome Sync made getting back to speed a no-brainer. One sync and everything is working great.

Some helpful reading:

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