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On Saturday (10/08/2011) at around 11:15 am CST, Rushton Hurley will allow me to give a short presentation--check back here for the Elluminate link--on how blogging has changed my life. Wow, what a difficult topic to speak about! (smile). Rushton sent the invite months ago:
I run a professional development program called MERIT at the Krause Center for Innovation at Foothill College (Los Altos, California).  It's a group of 48 teachers from around the world chosen competitively, and they work together for a year, highlighted by a two-week summer program in the second half of July.  We call that the Summer Institute, and everyone comes together to learn about all sorts of tools and resources, design projects, hear a bunch of amazing speakers, and generally have a great time.

Last year's speakers included Kern Kelly, Ken Shelton, Lucy Gray, Carol Anne McGuire, Steve Hargadon, Jim Sill, and Jon Corippo.  It's done using Elluminate...if there is a topic you'd love to share with four dozen dynamic teachers, it would be an honor to have you connect with them.

When I wrote Rushton back that life has been quite busy (this was when I was wondering if my team and I would still be employed come August, 2011), he agreed to a time extension and suggested a topic:
For the topic, you might want to talk about how technology in general and blogging in particular changed your professional life.
So, with blogging in particular, and to help things along, I've prepared this presentation knowing that such a topic will never do my experience justice. 
To help Rushton's caravan of learners, I'm hoping you will share--via a blog entry, a video clip posted on YouTube, or audio file (podcast)--how blogging has ROCKED your world...or not. A meme is born!

In case you haven't played around with a meme before--they're a bit out of fashion these days--here are some expectations:

  1. you respond the meme and link back to this blog entry
  2. leave a comment on this blog entry and then ask 5 more people to participate
  3. Notify those 5 people by sending them a quick note (a tweet prob would work).

I'm going to tag some veteran bloggers who have been around since I started doing this:

  1. Wes Fryer (SpeedofCreativity.org)
  2. Doug Johnson (Blue Skunk Blog)
  3. David Warlick (2cents)
    as well as some folks that haven't been around too long (relatively speaking):
  4. Ms. Ripp (Blogging through the Fourth Dimension)
  5. Dan Oestreich (Unfolding Leadership) - Read Dan's Contribution to the Meme!
Rockstar Meme Responses:

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Dan said…
Hi Miguel!

Thanks for the invitation! I've written something for you and your presentation here. I hope it will be helpful.

Many good wishes
Anonymous said…
I've done mine, good luck! Here is a link:

Joan Young said…
Hi Miguel,

Thanks for sharing this great project! I was tagged by @gret on Twitter who was tagged by @pernilleripp. Here is my response to the #rockstar meme blogging challenge http://shme.co/poOnZF
I am tagging @johntspencer @bhsprincipal @teachingwthsoul @tracywatanabe @lindayollis
Thanks, Joan and Matt, for contributing! I've added your links to the original blog entry and retweeted them (or I will as soon as this comment is done!)

I really enjoyed reading your entries! More on that later.

With appreciation,
(or in your case, Joan, watching your response!)

gret said…
Hi Miguel,
Thanks for challenging us to reflect on our blogging journeys!
Here's my response: http://gret.wordpress.com/2011/10/08/findingmyvoice/
@pernilleripp tagged me on her response.
Greta Sandler (@gret)
Anonymous said…
Hi Miguel. I was tagged by @gret. Here is my response to the challenge http://whatedsaid.wordpress.com/2011/10/17/blogging-can-change-your-world/
Edna @whatedsaid
Tracy Watanabe said…
Dear Miguel,

Thank you for starting the #Rockstar meme! I was tagged by Joan Young. Blogging helps me reflect, process, and focus, which provides clarity. I am also celebrating my one year blogging anniversary. I can without a shadow of doubt say that blogging has rocked by world!

Kind regards,
Tracy Watanabe
Denise Krebs said…
Hi Miguel,
I enjoyed your post! I was tagged by Tracy Watanabe, and here is my response. It's good to reflect once in a while. Thank you for doing this.

Sheri Edwards said…
Hello Miguel, Thanks for providing the idea to share inspirations: Here are mine:
Hello Tracy,
I have passed the baton on:
Sue Waters with Ronnie Burt Encourages at Edublogs and blogging how-tos
Silvia Tolisano Shares so many HowTos in Language Arts and Digital Learning (Skype; Blogs)
Marsha Ratzel Shares about Google Apps, Blogging, and Other Technologies
Larry Ferlazzo Shares “Best of” Websites, ELL; So much to share!
Nancy Carroll Inspiring Fourth Grade teacher using technology
Paula Naugle Inspires Skyping and Blogging in the classroom

#RockStarMeme You can do it too

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