Publishing eBooks

Great article...Everything You Need to Know About How to Digitally Self-Publish

Some of my take-aways:
  • I discovered that most people don't care all that much about my hippie publishing experiments. Before someone puts time and/or money behind a project, they want to make certain nobody else can claim ownership of it, and part of that reassurance is registration with the United States Copyright Office.
  • Which platforms you decide to target is up to you, but in my opinion, there's really no reason not to target them all. 
  • Just make sure to validate your EPUB files either with an online tool, or a tool you can download and run yourself before attempting to upload them. 
  • Amazon's EPUB support is not documented...Use KindleGen to test your books. KindleGen is a free tool that Amazon provides for converting EPUB files into Mobipocket files.
  • I actually don't think the world has figured out what a tremendous revolution digital self-publishing is yet, and just how disruptive it will prove to be. Digital self-publishing is to traditional publishing what blogging is to traditional news media.
Great stuff worth reading if you're thinking about publishing an ebook!

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