Moodle Roundup


In skimming my RSS feed for Moodle resources, these jumped out at me (most are from the awesome work Joseph Thibault is doing at
  1. Online Courses Using Moodle (PDF) - a presentation on how to Moodle.
  2. A 10 minute video of Moodle on Mobile devices
  3. A Virtual Student for Your Moodle - Nicholas Walker, an ESL teacher at Montmorency College (Canada), has embeded into Moodle a Virtual Student. It is as part of a English Language Lab  activity that Nicholas and his colleague, Melvin Shantz, are currently testing.
  4. A Moodle course on how to push RSS information from your Moodle course (forum postings) to a Twitter account.
  5. Move2Moo is a new service which has partnered with Lambda Solutions to provide course content migration services to institutions and companies adopting/migrating to Moodle from another LMS.
and, a bonus via Julian "Moodleman" Ridden tweet that I found in my RSSOwl feed:

  • Great new block available for #moodle 2 allows for bulk delete, hide and move activities or resources -

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