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Update: The colleague below posted a solution they prefer to the one outlined in this blog entry. It appears at the end and is well worth-reading if you have some money to spend!

A colleague recently shared the following scenario:
We have purchased an iPad cart for the high school. Different students throughout the day use the iPads for research and projects. The problem becomes when students want to share documents or projects.  Dropbox, gamil, bump and actually apps all want the email account to be set up on the ipad.  With 8 or more students using a single iPad how are others handling this?   Does anyone know of an app or work around so that students can collaborate without having to establish an email account on the iPad?
My response to the scenario was as follows....
1) Have students login with a "schoolnameshares@gmail.com" account (or whatever username you choose to create). That login would be used across different iPads because it's "app" specific not an iPad-wide setup requirement. 
2) Then, use Box.net that has 50 gig for life if you create the account now from an iPad. More info at the link below (time-sensitive, so move fast):
Set one email up per teacher grade level and you'd have a common storage area.
Remember, the email account is only for the Box.net app, and does NOT appear in the iPad settings. 

3) Login on each student iPad with the shared username and password. Students will then be able to place documents in the shared space on Box.net.
Can anyone see why this approach would not work (aside from usual permission forms for student work on external sites)?

Update #1 - Solution My Colleague Settled on:
Great News!  We have found a solution....Thanks to this wonderful forum......an app called Dropcopy.  We are able to send docs, pic, presentations, etc to each other using this app.  The lite version is o.k. but the real success was when we paid the $4.99 for the paid version.  Professional development with the teachers was a lot harder than showing the students.  They just ran with it.

Update #2 - You start to appreciate the expression, "There's an app for that!" There sure is. A colleague (@mrhooker) suggests the following app, OurPad ($2.99), as a possible solution to the problem scenario.
I share my precious iPad with three other members of my family, and with occasional guests who drop by from time to time. Each user has his or her own e-mail and Facebook accounts, which typically means they have to log out of my accounts to access theirs. This is not a huge problem, but since Apple has already established a multiple sign-in accounts feature for Macs, it only makes sense to have something similar for iOS devices.
Read more about it online at MakeUseOf.com.

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