Image Curation with EverNote (Updated)

Image curation with serious, doesn't it? Well, it's not. For fun, you may want to read something more serious on curating digital content from the famous Joyce Valenza:

The stuff I personally need most–the stuff I am passionate about–is published in the most diverse sources, across all sorts of platforms and formats.  Much of it is dynamic, and feedy.  Much of it is a moving target.
I’ve been playing a bit with the notion of curating–for myself and my personal practice, for the librarians in our District, for my practicum students, and perhaps for a broader audience, for synchronizing our community  So here is a beta version of my curation effort–Guide for Teacher Librarians.

Or, check out this entry where students are working on sharing content with

That seriousness aside, does the idea of curating also apply to images you stumble across everywhere?

Like a lot of other folks, I'm starting to turn into a Facebook and Google+ image junkie...G+ has so many awesome photographers online, I now "get" why it's so much fun to follow them and see the pictures they come up with. 

It was inevitable but I fell in love with the image at the top of this blog post--I pray my "G" rating for this blog won't be revoked--and couldn't stop quoting it to my family to endless laughter.

The laughs have been hysterical in our family over this baby and where he gets his milk. I realized that I needed an easy way to collect these pictures, no matter where and when I ran across them. Evernote, the web clipper that works on every computer I have and Android phone, makes clipping easy to accomplish and put them in an Images Notebook that can be easily shared with others.

I hope that clipping images with Evernote will help keep track of the origin site--at least, where I ran across an image--and alleviate copyright concerns. Still, since I'm still learning, I'm not sure how well EverNote will serve in this way.

I've had a lot of fun clipping images from my social media feeds, but also, collecting articles to share with a friend who is going on a job interview. One of the questions asked in the interview is, "How would you describe technology integration in K-12 today?" It's a fun question to consider, so as I skimmed my RSS feeds, I started clipping relevant stuff in the hopes it might be useful.

Still, I have to admit that my favorite use of Evernote remains clipping photos:

There's just so many of these floating out there....

I'm using Chrome and the Clip to Evernote Add-on, which works great via right-click. I created a notebook in Evernote just for images and move stuff there from my WebClips periodically.

How are you using Evernote more constructively? 8->

Joyce quotes Clay Shirky on curation:
Part of the reason that human curation is so critical is simply the vast number of people who are now making and sharing media. Everyone is a media outlet. The point of everyone being a media outlet is really not at all complicated. It just means that we can all put things out in the public view now.
"Everyone is a media outlet"...Evernote makes it easy for me to capture and share images with family and friends. Will Evernote make it possible for others to contribute images or other stuff to my Notebooks? How would that work?

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