Chromebook Priced to Sell?

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Interesting news regarding the Chromebook.... 

Exciting news about Chromebooks for Education! We heard a lot of feedback from schools that they were interested in an upfront, 1 year pricing option that would fit better in budgeting cycles. 
Today, we're adding a new one year payment plan in addition to our three year subscription plan that provides you 1 year of management services, support, and warranty ($5/month for management and support - but NOT warranty - after that).

Updated: AND we have a special offer out to schools With your first order 30 or more Chromebooks, you'll receive a Chromebook charging cart and a Google Cloud Print printer!

1 year upfront payment: $449 (Wi-Fi), $519 (3G)- $5/month for management services and support after
3 year subscription: $20/month (WiFi), $23/month (3G)includes management services, support, and warranty.

There's also some new features in the management panel! Group policy management (so you can set different policies for teachers vs students), shipping tracking, and asset management. Check out the blog for the full story:
Also, if you're interested in finding out more about Chromebooks, check out the webinar series! More info below:

New Chromebook Classroom Webinar Series!Wednesdays at 9AM PT/12PM ET starting October 26We'll be covering all things Chromebooks - a general overview, the management console, getting around the chrome browser, finding useful web apps and extensions, hearing from schools using Chromebooks, and tips for moving your classroom to the cloud.

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Unknown said…
I still think that is too expensive
Tim Holt said…
Same price as an iPad and not nearly as functional.
So the benefits are what exactly? Can these be used outside away from wifi? On a trip? I don't get it.
I agree with both your comments. Still, it is usable within the confines of a school with ubiquitous wifi. Still, for the cost, it's better to get a regular netbook.

As to iPad, an iPad with an external keyboard is TOO expensive. An ipad by itself...well, I wouldn't buy one even if you would. I'd rather a netbook than an iPad for my needs.
John Krouskoff said…
With regard to a regular netbook, we have found the Chromebook equal to or better for most tasks. Granted, we wouldn't use it for a Photoshop class, but most areas where we've used netbooks or laptops are better served with the Chomebook. No waiting for boot up, virus definitions, Windows updates... I could go on. The lower cost of ownership and increased productivity/time on task for our students makes this very attractive. The pilot last year was terrific, and we'll be ordering a bunch more next week (about 100).
Mr. Tognetti said…
I agree with jkrouskoff - we ordered 30 for a one to one at school program - fast boot, etc. and all the other capabilities noted - make this a great choice for us with signficantly lower TOTAL cost of ownership. So far, a huge step up versus our netbooks (and older MacBooks too). Much less maintenance, and since we're moving to the cloud as much as possible, this works for us.

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