Friday, September 30, 2011

Uninstalling Facebook, HootSuite, Google Plus

At last, my Motorola Cliq (T-Mobile) no longer sings as it dances along (read Phone Quest). Instead, underneath the weight of too many social media apps, it stumbles like a drunk, pausing to answer a question asked a frustratingly half minute earlier, before rebooting or freezing.

Though I am tempted to let it slip to the floor, yet another obsolete technology, I am bound by my contract, a life-support system for aged tech that I desperately want to pull the plug on. Perhaps, I am too hasty to euthanize my phone, help it out the door as I eye a slimmer model. Could it be my mid-life crisis has arrived, and rather than a red convertible or muscular Mustang, I crave a new device that will set me free?

Friendcaster for Android - Use this instead of Facebook app
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But what need for more apps? I have all I need. I can salvage this relationship, crowded with unnecessary impulses of the inane. I uninstall Google + mobile app, the phone creaking under the strain of tossing such a weighty app overboard.  Sensing a brief burst in speed, I continue with Facebook, PlurQ, Hootsuite, and my phone flies, feeling almost new in my hands.

Tweetcaster, a fast Twitter app on Android
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As I ponder the empty home screen, the lonely red O stares at me in shock, even though it does Google+ better than the mobile app. I decide that I cannot go Tweetless into the beyond, and install Tweetcaster for Android, then stumble across Friendcaster (Facebook app for Android). The apps are fast, work exceedingly well, and I wonder, why did I cling to the old ones so ardently? The new apps--Tweetcaster, Friendcaster--are new and improved.

...isn't so lonely anymore.


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1 comment:

Wesley Fryer said...

The problem is as clear as the solution... break your contract & get an iPhone. Why insist on riding a tired and slow horse when your new Tesla awaits?

I'll consider giving Android based devices and alternate OS options a try when they "just work." That's how tech should roll and the iPhone does.

I did, btw, test drive a Samsung Chromebook this week in Maine and I love it. Will get one when finances permit. My quote to Google is, " You had me at 8 seconds." it's an IT support game changer. It appears to "just work." Your phone should to.

Get s new iPhone when the new model comes out. Data plan costs bite, but function is great with iOS.

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