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It had been a long time since I'd pulled my white Macbook 2,1 out of its faux leather travelling bag and upgraded it, so I decided that midnight on a Saturday might not be too late. This is the same Macbook that Wes Fryer encouraged me to buy back in early 2007 at TCEA Conference, that travelled with me to New Zealand, that I've used for my keynotes, and continues to do well for me. Keynote remains my favorite presentation tool, although I have hopes that LibreOffice will someday allow easy embedding of videos.

I've decided not to invest in OS X Lion, having stopped my Mac's journey with the Snow Leopard upgrade. And, I run very little on the Mac side anymore. I've stripped out quite a bit, keeping only what I need for presentations. But I did decide that  I needed to repartition the hard drive and load Peppermint Two on it. I'd been running Peppermint ICE, but have come to enjoy how wonderful Peppermint Two is on other machines and wanted the same look-n-feel, as well as a bit more room.

My first step was to backup the Mac side with Carbon Copy Cloner, which did a great job, onto an external 120gig hard drive. Since the Macbook only has an 80gig hard drive, backing up wasn't a problem. I was reminded of the need to buy a new hard drive for this machine when I realized how quickly the backup finished!

Then, I booted off the external drive (holding down the option key to choose my startup device) and choosing the external drive, I ran Disk Utility (One article about this). I used that to re-partition the 80gig drive, 3 partitions...one for Mac, one for Peppermint Two, and a swap drive. Partitioning process wiped out all my data, so I was grateful for my backup.

Afterwards, I restored my Mac drive from backup, then booted off Peppermint Two CD (USB boot just didn't work) and installed it on the partition I'd set aside for it.

When I restarted the Macbook, the Mac side came right up. I installed rEFIT  (http://refit.sourceforge.net/), a program that allows you to choose whether you want to boot to Mac or Linux (or Windows). I had to do the installation through the Terminal.

That was pretty much it, except for additional customizations that I normally do with Peppermint Two. The Mac side continued as always, working without problem (thank goodness!).

One of the best points to read on the Ubuntu site is this statement:
Anything not mentioned here probably already works out of the box.
Find out more online. Oh, what fun I haven't had in time.

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