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In the interests of full disclosure, I have to let you know that I've added a new section to my disclosure page (well, I haven't yet but I will this weekend). As some of you know, I am able to help out school districts with Moodle administration, provide keynotes, facilitate professional learning opportunities, among other things. 

Over the last few months, I've had a few opportunities--less than a handful--to help out businesses as well. Most of those contacts have been short-term, one time contracts for folks that needed to be dug out of a hole quick (oops, we upgraded our Moodle but it's not working! What do we do now?) rather than spend the time to learn how to dig themselves out. 

I love these kinds of challenges because they bring fresh questions and problems for me to solve, and it's fun to try to answer those. 

Recently, I was approached by PC PALS Solutions, a company with various interests and product lines. I knew them from several years ago when they were kind enough to sponsor the TCEA TEC-SIG meetings when I was vice-president of that organization, and submit to an interview during my crazy podcasting penchant. You can still listen to the interview online via the Internet Archive

One of their product lines involves MS Office. They had developed interactive modules that were available only on CD-ROM. This made their product nice back when, but as everything moved online, I pointed out to them (and so did many others), "This would be great to have online so we could post it." It took awhile--years, in fact--but they finally moved all their content into SCORM modules.

Whether you put those modules in a wiki or a Moodle, all their interactive tutorials are now available for online deployment. 

Since the Company knew I was into Moodle, they approached me recently about helping them as an consultant with Moodle deployment in various settings, as well as making special deals available to the folks I share information with (essentially, if you're reading this, you're the audience). 

PC PAL Solutions has offered a referral commission; that is, if you mention my name when you contact them about purchasing one of their products, I will get a small percentage.

After "recusing" myself from making purchasing decisions in regards to their product, I accepted. So, in the future, expect to see the following:
  • Tales of adventure sharing how the PC PAL Solutions tutorials have been deployed in various settings.
  • Coupons that defray the cost of PC PAL Solutions
  • Blog entries that may describe the PC PAL Solutions products
To review, I am now working as an occasional consultant with PC PAL Solutions focused on Moodle. That affiliation has benefits for you since it will garner a discount for their services, and result in a referral bounty (I like the bounty hunter image) for me. Through it all, I will tell you what I think of the product and I've made it clear to PC PAL Solutions that I will not write anything I don't see as accurate. Integrity is more important than money.

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