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A dear colleague, Daryl Ann Borel, wrote me recently with information on a new free tool that allows you do some fun stuff with Powerpoint:
Miguel, I’m sure you know about this application, but I just had to share my excitement with you. It’s not very often that a new software application excites me these days. I’ve seen so many in the years . I’ve discovered a new application that ranks right up there with “sliced bread” and Jing. It’s called myBrainStark (http://www.brainshark.com/) It allows you to add voice to PowerPoint presentations, documents,  videos, etc. You can also incorporate audio recordings, live web pages, pictures, and surveys to a PowerPoint or document.  It is excellent and very easy to use. You can also share/embed.  And, it's FREE.  I like the fact that you can edit the PPT narration within the application rather than having to upload an MP3 of the audio and sync it like with Slideshare or similar applications. I see great potential for K-12 educators.

Here's a video overview:

Anyone try this out?

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Unknown said…
I and my students have been using it for a year. It is a free add on to Google Apps, so just one log in.
Jared said…
The company I work for has been using Brainshark for a few years. We've stopped using it. It's an okay product, simple to use, does an adequate job, but if you have anything remotely complex in your PPT (custom animations for example) it tends to choke pretty badly. But, if you stay simple, it's a decent little tool.

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