#Moodle in an Elementary Classroom

A colleague recently shared the following request for ideas via the MoodleMayhem.org Facebook Group:

Peggy George responded with the following:
Hi Jena, I have been participating in the TX SpeaksVOLumes virtual conference this week (ending today) and they have had some excellent sessions about online learning management, mentoring, facilitating, support, etc. They are not specific to elementary but I think the advice was really helpful. All of their Elluminate sessions have been recorded and you might find some helpful information in them. The conference is free but you have to register to access the recordings. http://pd.txvsn.org/ The presentation by Claire De La Varre shared some very helpful tips for facilitators of online classes. Mike Shumake's session on online learning environments was very good too. Browse through the topics/descriptions and maybe you will find some ideas you can use. Some use Moodle and some do not.
She also shared this link - http://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=118505
and mentioned Mary Cooch's book, Teaching 7-14 Year Olds. I highly recommend this book and this is the book we use when doing staff development on Moodle.

Helen Teague wrote the following:
When elementary teachers are enrolled in the Moodle courses I teach, I find that need TONS of hand-holding and reassurance. More than their secondary or administration counterparts, this group of educators needs extra-specific rubrics and often will demand models (not request, but demand) before they will submit anything. This is not to be negative but informative. This group, more than any other, likes and needs an ice-breaker forum and usually I am uploading many, many Screencast videos to point out specifics of everything. Hope this helps. :)
I txted from my phone:
In my district, one of our tech facilitators used moodle as a platform for online literature circles. Google "mguhlin online literature circles". I will also try to send you some links later z(here)
Here's the link to my blog entry on Moodle and online literature circles, work pioneered in my district by Sue Harris.

Pam Cranford wrote:

Pam Raborn Smith Cranford If you would like to see how we use moodle at the PreK-5th level visit www.woisd.net/view/ There is a non-editing teacher login and you can look around in the INDEX OF MOODLE LESSONS. ALL of our lessons are there. Get back with me if you need anything else.
The Virtual Intermediate Education at White Oak is a virtual site of online lessons for our elementary students. By developing this site, our teachers will be able to engage students in learning experiences that cannot be had through the use of only a textbook. Online curriculum will place these stu...

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Also, check out Sandy's Examples...

What are some of the ways in which you use Moodle in the Elementary Classroom?

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