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A few years ago, I had the opportunity to introduce the Texas community of technology directors to PC-PAL Solutions. They had what I thought was a great product--MS Office tutorials on CD. You can listen to a podcast I recorded with Harold Mena (PC-PAL Solutions Contact) during the TCEA TEC-SIG Meeting:

When I first became aware of PC-PAL Solutions (almost 2-3 years ago), I couldn't justify buying it in the face of other initiatives with higher priorities. However, as we've laid some of those initiatives to rest, the need became even more pressing for anytime, anywhere learning. As such, I found myself reviewing several different solutions and options. While I began with online, web-based tutorials--like Atomic Learning and Learning.com--I quickly realized that because of the urban, low socio-economic situation of our population, such types of resources would not be effective...and price was a factor. 
So, when the need arose for para-educators to have access to electronic tutorials with an assessment component, PC-PAL Solutions came to mind again. On investigation, this seemed the perfect fit. For the low start-up cost, as well as the minimal recurring cost, and a willingness of the vendor to convert their assessments to work with a learning management system, we decided to go ahead with purchase. The product is CD-based. To facilitate distribution of CDs to our population, my team suggested a NetFlix model. We called it "SchoolFlix," and it will be used as a way to deliver professional development via CD-ROM. This is a heck of a lot cheaper than duplicating packs of CD-ROMs and sending them out to each campus. 
This podcast focuses in on their online assessment component and reporting capabilities. You can really drill down, and has the feel of an "assessment management" and curriculum management system. It's worth a look!

Over time, as everything moved to the Web away from CDs, and to Moodle, the same questions kept popping up---could this be ported to the web?

Finally, the answer came a few weeks ago--YES!

This announcement just came to me from the folks at PC-PAL Solutions:
If you have recently upgraded or are considering Office 2010 for San Antonio ISD, please choose PC Pal Solutions, Inc. as your e-learning partner. PC Pal’s Discover Microsoft® Office® 2010 E-learning Suite consists of 17 interactive courses with over 50 hours of instruction on Word®, Excel®, PowerPoint®, Access® and Outlook® 2010.

Flexible Delivery Options-

·         Courses are 508 and SCORM compliant and can be delivered online via the PC Pal Learning Portal (Moodle)
·          We can export the courses for delivery in your own Moodle or other SCORM compliant LMS
·          We can create a branded Moodle site for San Antonio ISD that you can also utilize for own e-learning modules

We encourage you to visit the PC Pal Learning Portal. Guest access has been enabled following courses:

·         Discover Word 2010® Level 3 (click Login as a guest)
·         Discover Excel 2010® Level 1 (click Login as a guest)
·         Discover PowerPoint® 2010 Level 3 (click Login as a guest)
A quick walkthrough is revealing...

What's neat about the SCORM modules is the level of detail, inclusion of audio and more. Creating these obviously took a LOT of work and the fact you can deploy them inside your own Moodle is pretty heavy-duty.

Disclaimer: Note that I was granted guest access to the courses and invited to take a hard look at them due to my Moodle experiences.

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