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In an update from the iTwin--which I featured in iTwin Review and iTwin: It Works blog entries--I read the following:
MAC OS X support coming soon! In the last 6 months, we have been working to make iTwin MAC OS X (Snow Leopard and Lion) compatible. And we will be releasing a free software update which will enable all existing iTwin users to use iTwin on their MAC OS X computers. This feature will be available by the end of August 2011.
Wow, this is great news for Mac users. In case you don't know what the iTwin brings to the table:
iTwin easily allows you to connect two computers via the Web through a secure, encrypted Internet connection and copy files back-n-forth from one to the other.
Some of the other updates worth checking out for existing users:
iTwin works with most proxy environments Many of our iTwin customers work in enterprises which use proxy servers. We have spent significant R&D effort to make iTwin software work in almost all proxy environments, including NTLM. Our promise is simple – if you can access gmail using a web browser, you can use iTwin. 
If you are using an existing version of iTwin which does not work in your proxy environment, please download our ProxyFix. Once you install iTwin ProxyFix, iTwin will work seamlessly.  

Start Faster iTwin has received accolades for smooth and simple installation and user experience. At iTwin, we continuously improve our software. We have made numerous software fixes this release, making iTwin more stable and robust. Most of these bug fixes will not be noticed by users. However, one very visible improvement is the start-time for iTwin.iTwin software now starts almost immediately after plugging iTwin into a computer. 

iTwin supports thumbnails Preview the contents of your image, video, MS Office and other file types using thumbnails, before you download them to your PC. A very handy feature, if you have a large collection of image/video files. No other file access solution -including cloud storage - supports this cool feature for previewing remote files.

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