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Earlier today, it was either drive 20 minutes to a commercial fax machine provider (e.g. FedEx office, Mailboxes) or find a free fax provider online. I opted for the free fax provider and took advantage of two free, Internet-based fax providers.

The first one I encountered was, which worked well for my needs. I shared about it on Twitter...

...and immediately received one endorsement of the product and a tweet from the owner, both shown below:

Sure enough, Kevin Savetz has the same last name as the one you find on
FaxZero® is copyright © 2006-2011 by Savetz Publishing, Inc.

The interface was pretty easy to interact with:
After sending my fax, I received two to verify my email account, and another confirming the success of the fax being sent.

However, isn't the only game in town. There's also, as Chris Craft mentions in the tweet below, another contender: is another free Internet-based service I thought I'd try. It worked well, too.

Sending it was pretty easy... also required verifying my email address and sent me a confirmation email. The main difference between the two services, aside from looks, was that shared the digital version of the faxed file in the email confirmation of success.  That was a nice touch, but unnecessary.

I recommend both services, although be aware that advertising probably found its way into the cover letter of your fax...still, a small price to pay for free fax services via the Internet...certainly worth me not having to drive to the nearest Mailboxes, etc. or having to buy a fax machine.

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