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Although I wouldn't want to undertake the creation of an infographic, there are tons of them out there that just capture the eye. You can search on Google and find them, as well as discover them embedded in blog pages and more. I even get emails from infographics makers asking me to feature their creation in my blog (and, if it's education relevant/appropriate, I do).

Source: http://www.blogcdn.com/www.urlesque.com/media/2011/02/why-infographics-1.jpg

In about a week or so, I'll be facilitating a presentation on managing your digital footprint, so infographics that capture social media usage among educators are certainly invited and welcome! There is a lot of potential for using infographics in presentations...for example, a simple adaptation of this one highlights an important point--that most of what works is blocked in schools!

In the meantime, here are some of my favorites:


And, some sources of infographics that I've stumbled across:

Education related InfoGraphics:

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