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A few years ago, I learned the art of bulk emailing using free software like Fairlogic's Worldcast, a wonderful, easy program to use on Windows (and GNU/Linux running WINE). Today, frustrated because I was working on a Mac, not wanting to write a tutorial for using Moodle as a Bulk eMailer, I found something else--a web-based, php/mysql based bulk email approach. 

I have had great success in importing large lists of emails through a CSV text file. I send out about 500 emails per week off my Bluehost server to a list of my email subscribers. I like PHPlist. I couldn't imagine really needing anything more than what it offers. (Source: Comment here)
I'm sure it's old news for lots of folks, but I'm looking forward to using it this year to keep people in the know via email, especially those who have yet to discover the power of RSS. You can read a nice review online.

In terms of setting it up on Windows using XAMPP, hmm, so you can run it off your own computer...I'm not sure. I guess you would need to setup a mail server of some sort. Yuck.

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